Thursday, September 29

Back at Mike's

Work has resumed on Mike's little house. The roofers still haven't shown up, but the hardscape has begun and the landscapers are ready to go.

Hope you have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 28

Table Hinge

Here is the hinge I made for Grandma's table. I could not have done this without the help of Peter Tucker at Musings on Modern Miniatures.

Thanks again, Peter!

Tuesday, September 27

Grandma's Ironing Board Table

I finally finished Grandma's ironing board table. :D

I want to thank Peter Tucker for his inspiration and for helping me figure out how to make the leaf support for my table!

This project really had me stumped and Peter graciously sent me photos of how he built the supports for his beautiful table.

Thanks to Peter's kindness, I was able to complete Grandma's table. Thank you Peter!

It will be so much fun to fill the cabinet with accessories. The pattern you see above is from Paper Minis. They have some really cute things. If you sign up for their mailing list you will get a new free project every month.

Now I just need to find Grandma's little iron... and clean up her sewing room. It looks worse than MY craft room right now!

Monday, September 26

A Little Something More!

Jill commented on my post yesterday and said there was a "little something more" inside the beach bag she made for me!

There was tissue paper in the bag and I didn't think to look inside! These darling little flip flops were hiding in there! What a great surprise!

Thanks again Jill! :D

Sunday, September 25

Gifts from Jill

I forgot to show you what I received from Jill at Little Nest Studio. I was one of the winners of her Fabulous Mystery Gift give-a-way! Jill is so creative and sent me the most darling things!

I love the embroidered mermaid! The table and beach bag will be perfect for my beach house! The little white vase is precious!

Thank you so much Jill! I really love the things you made for me! :D

Kat the Hat Lady sent me a beautiful fall hat for Grandma too. Thanks Kat!

I haven't stopped making minis. Really. I just needed one little piece of wood to finish Mike's house. One tiny 1/16" square dowel. I can't believe I could not find one around here somewhere! A quick trip to Michaels today solved that problem.

I finished the egg shell patio. I just need to fix roof on Mike's house and then I can start putting the landscaping together. Hopefully, I'll finish this project soon and have photos to show you?

Hope you had a good weekend!

Saturday, September 24

Spooky Playground

As promised, here are some photos of the Sloss Furnaces here in Birmingham. It is a playground for those who like to snoop around in old abandoned buildings.

You MUST be careful and watch your step.

Watch your head.

Beware of spiders.

Don't get lost or you might end up like THIS!

On Halloween the furnaces are open for haunted tour. You can be SURE I will NOT be there!

Friday, September 23

Field Trip

My son Brian, came to Birmingham for the first time yesterday. Sharyn and I took him on a tour of two of the city's landmarks.

The first place we visited was the Vulcan Park and Museum. It was a beautiful day!

These are some photos I took from the top of the Vulcan Tower. The 56 foot tall Vulcan statue sits on top of a 126 foot tower.

From this height everything looked miniature! Those are REAL people down there. :D

Birmingham was the center of iron works in the 1920s. This is a pot bellied stove and frying pan on display in the museum.

Our next stop was the Sloss Furnaces where they made pig iron. The factory is no longer operational but open to the public. We really had fun exploring this place!

Some people say the old furnace is haunted. Tomorrow I'll show you why! :D

Wednesday, September 21

Walking On Eggshells

I started making a tiled patio and walkway for my mini modern house. This is going to take a while!

Monday, September 19

On With The Show!

Here are a few photos I took at the Atlanta Miniature Show. Enjoy!

The Atlanta Miniature Society created three of these gorgeous Gypsy Caravans. This one was my favorite! Just look at all of the pretty details!

This was a raffle prize from a previous show. Exhibited by Nancy Songster. I love these little dolls!

Here is the interior of an Americana shop created by Nancy Van Horn.

This is the exterior of her shop.

Nancy also made this beautiful tropical bedroom in quarter scale. I love it!

There were so many wonderful things to see! I will definitely attend the next show and have a bigger budget to spend.

I am also going to apply for a membership in NAME. I would love to be a part of this group of miniaturists. It still seems strange to call myself a "miniaturist." I guess after three+ years that's okay now? :D

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, September 18

Fifty Cents Over Budget

Sharyn and I had a great day at the Atlanta Miniature Show! I bought just a few things on my small budget. I could have spent a LOT more!

I found the wallpaper I was looking for at Karen Benson's table, The Quarter Source.

I went back to her table three times! Karen was so sweet and SO helpful. I love this bedroom set.

I met Barbara Sabia and drooled over her gorgeous stained glass pieces. They are so delicate and so perfectly made. I hope to take one of her classes someday.

Martha Watkins (from Shellville Ga - no website) gave me a quick lesson in wigging and making curls from mohair. I bought three of her darling kits that were only 50 cents each. Her dolls were so beautiful. I can't believe I forgot to take photos of them!

Here are some other little things I bought.

The hand thrown pottery was made by Alex Melklejohn. His table was the first one inside the show. I could have spent my entire budget right there. I only bought four, but wanted a lot more!

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the room boxes and displays from the show. I was really impressed by the Gypsy Caravans made by the Atlanta Miniature Club!

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Saturday, September 17


One of the things I'll be looking for today at the Miniature Show is wallpaper. This room photo, from the Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpaper collection, is the look I want for my Spanish revival house.

My little house needs something like this!

Have fun checking out this wonderful site. I have one of their older sample books. If you love the Arts & Crafts style like I do, you are going to be amazed!

I'm off to Atlanta! Hope you have a great day!

Friday, September 16

Atlanta Miniature Show!

Tomorrow my daughter and I are going to the Atlanta Miniature Show! I've never been to a miniture show before so I am really looking forward to this trip!

Holiday Inn Atlanta

I'll be sure and take my camera! :D

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, September 15

Tiled Patio?

One of the good things about cleaning up my workroom was finding these colorful 1/8" tiles. Do you think they are too large for this project?

I haven't glued them down yet. What do you think? Should I put them all around the pool?

Wednesday, September 14

Baby Botany

I've been working on more baby plants. They still need a little work but I wanted to show you what I've done so far...

There is a wealth of information on the net with photos and information about plants. Here is one site I found. I find it helpful to look at photos of the plants I am trying to make. Making them this small is the real challenge!

Time to go to work. My eyes need a break!

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Monday, September 12

Making Mini Plants

I started making some mini plants for Mike's tropical garden. Time to get out the magnifier lamp!

Hope you have a great day!