Sunday, August 30

Mindless Activity

I think it may be time for some mindless TV. I need to give my mini mind a rest.

I tried to finish a couple of things today but am getting frustrated. My dresser drawer sticks, my dust ruffle is crooked, and my dollhouse is a mess with half finished projects...

Maybe a good football game, a movie or a dog show will take my mind off minis for a while? Is that possible?


Saturday, August 29

21 Piece Nightstand

Just call me crazy. This little nightstand has 21 pieces!

Perhaps if I knew what I was doing I could have made it with less? If I wasn't crazy, I wouldn't have counted all of the little pieces!

It's taken me the entire morning to do this. Now that I'm looking at the photo I think it's going to lose one piece at the top. Think I'll put different legs on it too...

I'm waiting on glue and paint to dry on my four drawer dresser before I finish it.

I'm not going to count how many pieces that has. Promise.

Lots of little blessings,

Friday, August 28

Hope for the Cure

My daughter sent me this quote in an email yesterday. I wonder if she thinks Mom is getting old?

"A 5-year study from the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center found that adults who spent the most time engaged in stimulating leisure activities were more than 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who spent less time challenging their brains. Take this precaution: Put your appendages to good use with a hobby such as painting or pottery."

Another good reason to continue mini-making!

Blessings, Kathi

Thursday, August 27

Little Lamps

THIS was a really fun project! I made five little lamps for my beach house!

I really like the sandcastle lamp. It is covered with sand that I saved from my last trip to the beach in Florida. The shade is made of sand paper.

Hope you have a very nice day!

Living Room

I really need to get back to working on the dollhouse! This is the living room. So far, I've painted the trim and the walls white.

I like cottages with white on white rooms and just a bit of color in the accessories.

I also like to surround myself with color! It's amazing how just changing the color of a room can change the way you feel.

I painted my real life living room yellow and I love it. It's so sunny and cheerful, especially in the mornings. I was going to paint all of my old furniture white until this mini hobby took over!

I love the yellow walls. I also love my yellow cat!


And I love my fat cat!


These two, plus my two little daschunds, keep my house very furry!

Hope you have a lovely day!
Blessings, Kathi

Tuesday, August 25

Blue Braided Rug

Say that three times - Blue braided rug, blue braided rug, blue braided rug!

Fiasco seems interested.

It's not perfect, but then what is?

I used both Doreen's and Casey's tutorials. I braided about 1 yard each of three colors of yarn. One of them was variegated and I like the look. I forgot to measure the finished length of the braid but it turned out to make a 2 1/2 inch circle. Next time I'll make a longer braid!

I tried gluing it, waited for the glue to dry, but it came apart when I picked it up. I just sewed it together like Grandma used to do. It didn't take long and now I know it won't fall apart!

I'm going to make several of these rugs for my beach house. I also want to make a rope rug or two.


Right now I'm working on a couple of little lamps. Here's an idea I found somewhere.

I really need to make some tables for them to sit on too!

Beautiful mini blessings,

Sunday, August 23

Mini Telescope

I thought it would be fun to have a little telescope on the deck of my beach house. I found one online for $11 but decided I would try to make one instead. Total cost for this project - three toothpicks, one small dowel, two buttons, a few drops of paint and glue, plus $100 worth of patience!

Just so I can enjoy a view like this!

Hope you have a beautiful morning!
Blessings, Kathi

Saturday, August 22

OOAK Beach House Miniatures

I've been having so much fun these past few days! I've finally completed some special little things I want to show you.

I just learned today what "OOAK" means, one of a kind!

These are one or two of a kind. Hope you like them, I know I sure do!

Here are two of a kind, lanterns and sailboats.

I used two buttons and a clear glass marble for the lanterns. The sailboats are made from two earrings I found at the thrift store. I had so much fun making all of these things!

I really need to put all of these things away and clean my house tomorrow! My poor little doggies are begging for some attention too!

Hope you are having a sweet weekend!
Blessings, Kathi

Bird House Video

Oese sent me this video link in her comment on my last post. I just HAD to share it!
Thanks Oese, you made my day! :)

Bird Houses

I found this website today. Check out their gorgeous birdhouses! Wouldn't they make great little dollhouses?

Some are only 10 inches tall!

Great for mini-mini lovers. Perfect for the birds!

Blessings, Kathi

Friday, August 21

Note to Self.

White glue and white paint look the same on a sheet of waxed paper. White glue holds things together. White paint does not.

Remember this Kathi.

Braiding a Rug?

Why is this so difficult? I've braided my daughter's hair. Why can't I seem to figure this out?

I think I've been braiding the wrong way all of these years!?

I've always braided left over center then right over center. I would end up with a nice braid but I guess that's not the right way to do it?

I'm trying to make a braided rug for my beach house.

Over, under, around and through...

I can see this is going to take a very long time!
My eyes are crossed already!

If you'd like to see how this is supposed to be done, check out Casey's Minis.


Thursday, August 20

Works in Progess

I'm back! My son told me to take the side off my computer to re-attach the USB port. Easier said than done! Tiniest little screws I've ever seen! Turns out I needed to take the front off too. Inconceivable!

I did get it loose enough to squeeze my little hand down in there and plug the port back in. Of course it won't STAY plugged in. So now it's taped in place with blue painter's tape!

Couldn't find my duct tape or I would have used that! Duct tape can fix most anything!

Anyway, here's a couple of photos of what I've been doing.

I'm working on the dresser drawers. Not so easy but I'm getting there...

I made a little beach pail using the tutorial from the pitchers everyone has been making. I still need to make a handle and trim the bottom.

I finally found some alphabet pasta! I'm so excited about that! I have enough for the entire mini community! I'm making a "beach" sign now. Love those little letters! So many possiblilities! Thanks Mercedes for the idea!

I'm using the box here to hold the bookshelf together while the glue was drying. I really need to get some Legos!

Well I must get back to my painting etc. Hope you are having a good evening!

Blessings, Kathi

Tuesday, August 18

"The USB device is not functioning properly or cannot be detected"

I had some photos I wanted to show you of my dresser and the bookcase I'm working on. BUT. Somehow my little USB port has fallen down inside my computer and can't be found!

I can't upload any photos right now! I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to...

I emailed my computer wizard son and am waiting on his professional advice. I hope I can get it fixed soon!

Here's a sneak peek of an idea I'm working on.

In the mean time, I'm following everyone to see what YOU are doing!


Sunday, August 16

My Next Dollhouse?

I know, I know. I just got started with the dollhouse I have and I'm dreaming about another!
Photo courtesy of 30 dollar date

I'm keeping this idea tucked away. Maybe someday I'll try building a sand castle dollhouse for Fiasco and his friends?

I think it would be fun to decorate a castle for a cute little band of pirates, like these!

Hope you had a very nice weekend!

I've been working on my dresser and another bookshelf. IF they turn out, I'll post pictures later...

Blessings, Kathi

Saturday, August 15

Learning the Scale

Before I proceed with my mini-making I need to be sure that I'm making things in the right scale? Math was never my strong subject! I trying to use a 1 inch = 1 foot scale.

So far I've made beds, a bookshelf, bar, sofa, beach bag and a little wall shelf.
When I put these things side by side the sofa looks too small...

But in the photo below it looks alright? Are my eyes deceiving me or is it the camera?

The sofa and bed won't be in the same room so maybe they are okay?

I'm working on a dresser now. I've made the frame. Now I just have to figure out how to make the drawers? I also need to go get more wood. Love having a reason to go to Michael's!

Hope you have a great weekend! I love weekends! More time for mini-making!


I've linked up with Hooked on Houses today. I'm hooked on mini things and mini houses!
Check out Suzy Homemaker's post Real Life dollhouse! Amazing!

Tuesday, August 11

A Precarious Perch

Here's the little climbing toy I made for Fiasco. He seemed to like it at first...

Then it came crashing down and he landed on his face. I hope he didn't get hurt!

Guess I'll have to find some of that sticky stuff that miniaturists use to hold things up. What is that stuff called anyway?

Poor bird. I'm sure he's wondering why he ended up here! I really ruffled his feathers this time!

Tweet dreams,

Scary Day Yesterday

I've been having some problems with my vision these past few days. I went to the opthalmologist yesterday. I have a posterior vitreous detachment in my left eye.

It's causing me to see flashing lights and floaters that are really distracting but not painful.

This problem could lead to a retinal detachment that can cause blindness. I can't imagine not being able to see! I thought it was funny that doc said "just keep an eye on it and let me know if it gets worse." How do you keep and eye on your eye? :)

He gave me a new prescription for glasses. There is no treatment for this problem so I will just have to learn to live with the flashes and floaters. I need to get new glasses and contact lenses but hopefully I won't have any more problems.

I have an even greater appreciation for my vision today! No wonder I was having so much trouble threading a needle to work on my little quilts!

Thankful for all mini blessings!

Sunday, August 9

Mini Projects in the Master

I made this little book shelf today thinking I would use it in the kids room upstairs. Now that I'm looking at it again, I'm wondering if I could make drawers for it and use it here in the master bedroom?

I've never made a dresser with drawers that open. Hopefully, someone knows how to do it and can share their secrets with me?

I painted the bedroom Benjamin Moore's "White Satin." It's a really pretty blue, not white!

I also picked out the fabric for the bed. I think I'm going to make a comforter instead of a quilt. Maybe a white one that looks like down with the blue floral as sheets?

My sewing machine isn't working right. I'm still working on the quilts for the kid's beds! Having to stitch them all by hand is taking a very long time!!

I made one of Rosanna's little beach bags too. Her tutorial was great! I used a little hand held pencil sharpener to wrap the fabric and braid around. Perfect size and shape! Lots of glue was used in this project!

So, what do you think? Should I try to add drawers to the bookshelf or just paint it and let it be?

Blessings, Kathi

Caught in the Act!

When I woke up this morning I found Fiasco sitting at his own little computer just typing away!
I'm not happy with the looks of him.

What's up with that pirate hat and the eye patch? He must be up to NO good!

I'll really have to keep an eye on him now!

Something about this makes me very nervous...

Saturday, August 8

A Toy for Fiasco!

I've been working on the construction of a little climbing toy for Fiasco. He is watching me very closely!

He still hasn't spoken to me. Perhaps it's the crooked ladder? I'll try to fix it but I think he will be able to manage it just fine. I'm sure he will like his swing! Maybe this will keep him off the beds?

I'll post a photo when I'm finished.

I want to welcome Carmen as my 50th follower! This is a real milestone for me and I am very thankful! Each one of you brings joy and inspiration into my life! WELCOME!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Blessings, Kathi

Wednesday, August 5

Thank You Mercedes!

I was so excited to see Mercedes' post today about how to make a mini-quilt! Her instructions are so detailed and precise! Thank you Mercedes!

I just had to get started! I had all of these fabrics. I'm sure I'll be moving them around until I get the look I want. Right now I have to iron my uniform and go to work!

I would much rather stay home and sew! Hope you have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Kathi

Tuesday, August 4

Tag! You're It! Photo Challenge!

Yep, I got tagged too! By Jody at Mini Leaps and Bounds! Here are the "rules" which I had to bend just a bit. I had to look in my saved email photos!

1 Open the 4th file where you store your photos
2 Pick out the 4th photo and publish it to your blog
3 Explain a bit about it
4 Pass this challenge to 4 other blogs

This is a photo of my oldest son at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He's the big kid making the sand castle! He found a little helper to tote water to the construction site. Very clever!

This photo reminds me why I miss Florida so much! I miss the beach, but I really miss my son!

I'm passing this challenge on to these four bloggers! Have fun!

Sanibel Toot's Lazy Days
Dale's Dreams
Kim @ Flower and Art
Marlies Miniatures

A photo is worth a thousand words!
Blessings, Kathi

Monday, August 3

Master Bedroom and Bar

Here's a photo of the freshly painted bed, still not finished white chair, and a little bar I made. The bar won't stay in the bedroom, I just wanted to show you how I finished it.

I found the prettiest light silvery blue paint at Benjamin Moore! I splurged on a little sample jar ($4.49!) because I love the color so much. BM has hundreds of beautiful colors in their sample sizes!

I'll use the blue here on the walls and ceiling. I'll have to re-think the bedding now that I've changed the color scheme. I've always loved a soft blue and white bedroom. It will be a real contrast to the kid's room upstairs!

Here's another inspiration room I found at Coastal Living. Wouldn't you LOVE a view like this!?

I've had such a good time on my mini vacation! Thanks for following me on my mini adventures!

Blessings, Kathi

Sunday, August 2

One if by Land, Two if by Sea!

I've been working hard on my little beds!
Couldn't wait to show you!

As you can see, there's been a change of plans! I was going to make this the master bedroom. Then when I thought about climbing all of those stairs I decided this room would be for the children. I will have give them very stern instructions about the beds! I don't want them banging the beds into the wall or climbing the ropes! Am I asking too much here?

I'm hoping to add more furniture, toys and accessories as time goes on...

Fiasco seems to like being on the top floor of the house. As long as he's happy, I'm happy.
He keeps looking at me when I talk. I know he doesn't understand me but I just keep talking anyway. Maybe one of these days he will say something? I've heard that parrots can be very talkative

Making these wave headboards was the most difficult thing to make. Especially when the only tools you have are a craft knife and a little miter saw. Dear Dremel was no help at all. I guess I could have used cardboard but I like making things from wood. I really need a coping saw or band saw!

Do you think some little fish would look cute on the headboard?

I made the mattresses from some 1" thick padding I found in the xray room at work. Very soft and comfy! Can't wait to make some little quilts for the beds...

I love these little flags! I found them yesterday when I was looking for something else!

So for now, this is the attic bedroom. I wish it had a big sliding window that opened to the sea. It would be so nice to hear the waves and see the moonlight on the shore!

Blessings, Kathi