Monday, December 10

Abby's Little Korner

I delivered my "little" gift to my son's family on Saturday.  I really enjoyed their joyful reaction.  We went out to lunch and then did some real antique shopping.  It was a wonderful day!

I found this hurricane lantern in my stash and was so happy that it still works!   I don't remember where the cute little clay couple came from, but they are perfect for the shop.

The little bear had to be added since this is in a Boyd's Bears room box. ❤  He's so cute!

I made just a couple of Christmas things and left room on the shelves for Janice to add minis she finds.  I will probably make her some things for other holidays as they come...

Someone on social media asked me how many "hours" it took for me to put this together?  I had to chuckle... it took months!  It was fun making furniture, signs, flowers and books and finally completing a project!

Janice liked her gift so much that she has asked me to make some decorated lanterns for her shop!  I can't wait to get started!

Thanks for stopping by to comment.  It's so nice to know you are still there!  I will be following your posts as well.  Happy mini making!

Friday, December 7

Well, here I am!  Back to blogging!  I've missed you!  I haven't worked on minis for four years!

I was recently inspired to make a Christmas gift for my son's girlfriend after seeing photos of her booth at an antique mall.  It's called "Abby's Korner" and is in Adjectives in Winter Park Florida.

 Then I found this box.

I drove two hours south of me to get it! It is perfect for a little room box.

It took a lot of work to get the inside finished.  I sanded, spackled, sanded, primed, painted, added wallpaper, flooring, shiplap and lights!

 I copied things from her real shop.

Working from photos is fun!

This one was the most challenging but the one I like best.


Painting with toothpicks is not easy!  The Hudson Bay blanket is made with a soft piece of flannel.  I use permanent markers to make the stripes.

I made two of these little cabinets before I got one that was the right size.

Here are some of the minis I made, waiting to be glued in place...

I've added some signs and flowers, touched up and moved things around.  I will post photos of the finished box later.

 Hope you have a beautiful day!