Thursday, March 31

Space Planning

This is an idea I came up with for the back wall of the garage. I want to hide the ladder and make a place for the hot water heater. Sadly, this won't work.

The entrance door on the left opens into the garage. It would bump into the washer. Even if I flip the ceiling there won't be room for the door to open.

Oh well. It seemed like a good idea. Guess I'll have to keep thinking about this. Maybe I'll switch the side walls? That way the door will be more to the front of the garage. Not sure that will work either?

Wednesday, March 30

Red Lantern

I went back to my original idea of using cardstock to make the lanterns for the garage.
I cut circles from a red paint chip. Then I punched a hole in the middle and added a grommet in the center. I broke one of my LED lights while fooling with these. I hope I can fix it?

The inside is painted with white pearl paint. I tried to weather the outside a bit. I'll paint them with clear gloss once I have them looking right.

The lanterns are about 2cm in diameter. I found the measurements of a real lantern and used the Art of Miniatures calculator to find the 1:12 scale size. I love that calculator! You can find it on the sidebar if you need one.

Hope you have a happy day!

Tuesday, March 29

Playing in the Kitchen

I went looking in the kitchen for a mold for my garage lights. In this junk drawer I found a melon ball cutter.

It had the perfect shape but the handle got in the way. Tabitha suggested using a cigar holder. Since I didn't have one of those, I got a blood drawing tube at work and tried that. Tabitha also suggested putting the molds in the refrigerator for a while to keep the clay from sticking.

I didn't have much success with that. A Google search turned up Judi Maddigan's site. She suggested using cornstarch lightly dusted on the mold. That worked really well.

Now I have four little red bowls. If they don't work for the lights, I can use them in the kitchen! :D

Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions. I think I'm getting closer to making something I can actually use?

Hope you have a lovely day! I would love to stay home and play but I need to go get ready for work. Money for minis, you know . . .

Monday, March 28

Clay Lamp?

I did some research on the gooseneck lamp I am trying to make for the garage. It seems the original ones were made of porcelain. My first one was made with cardstock and a bead. Since it is too big, I thought I would try making one out of clay.

I found this video at Garden Of Imagination. She is making a bowl but I thought the shape could be used for my light? If I made a bead for the top, I could run the wire through that. This is what I am trying to make.

This is what I've done so far. I don't know what it is with me and clay but things just don't seem to turn out as I imagined.

Guess I'll keep trying.

Sunday, March 27

True Blue

Yesterday I poured some navy blue paint into a bowl of white primer. I mixed it up and painted one light coat over the red on the garage. Quite by accident, I think I've found the perfect finish! It looks a bit weathered, but not so much as to upset Grandma.

I decided the lantern I made from the wooden fan will look better on my modern house. To me, it is too "oriental" for the garage.

So, I set about designing and making this little gooseneck light. It's not quite finished. I may paint it red or try a galvanized look? It is also looking a bit too large. Time to use the Miniature Scale Calculator again! These lamps are my inspiration.

I love my little LEDs. No transformer, no tape wire, no plugs. Just a battery with a switch to turn them on and off.

I'm still thinking about the shop light. Well actually, I got distracted. I may get back to that later today?

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Saturday, March 26

Just Another Red Barn

I've been looking at my red garage with one coat of red paint. To me it looks just like another red barn. Don't get me wrong, I love red barns! I just want MY garage to be different.

These are some photos I found on the web. My favorite color is blue. The beach house is aqua and blue. I'm not sure yet what color the garage will end up? I keep changing my mind!

I received my little LED lights yesterday. They all run by battery. They are not difficult to wire together. It's the installation part that will take time. I know where I want the lights. I just need to make them all. :D

Hope you have a good day!

Friday, March 25

NOT So Easy!

I've been trying to put a new blade in my much loved and well used Easy Cutter. If you don't have one of these tools you need to get one.

This morning I got out an arsenal of tools and tried again to put in the new blade. I followed Gina's tutorial to take it apart. I just can't seem to get it back together.

The new blade just won't go in! I NEED this tool to cut trim for my new garage windows.

I emailed MicroMark and they suggested that I sent it back to them. They will either fix it or send me a new one. That's great, but I want to use it NOW!

I'm beginning to sound like Tessie. I want it fixed and I want it fixed NOW!!!!

Thursday, March 24

Shop Light

I found this necklace at WalMart. Great chain. Perfect for miniatures! I'll be using some of it to make a shop light for the garage.

The lamp itself is made from the seal on a coffee container. Once I've figured out the best shape, I'll cut one from an aluminum pie plate.

I'm trying to make something that looks like this.

Hopefully, I can use one of my little LED lights to make it actually work?

Wednesday, March 23

Little Lantern

I thought I would try to make a little lantern for the outside of the garage. I'm waiting for my LED lights from Evans Designs.

I used parts of a wooden fan I got at WalMart. Casey found them first. Lots of possibilities with these!

Just checking for size here. I may change the top? We'll see when I get the lights. I'm planning to make four of these.

I have an idea for a shop light too. That is still more in my head than put together!

Hope you have a bright, bright sunshiny day!

Tuesday, March 22

Grandma's In The Attic

I wonder how she got up there? Maybe she needs an outside staircase?

Yes, I think she does. I really can't see her climbing a ladder to get to her sewing room!

Thanks Casey. Now I have another project to add to my list.

Monday, March 21

Painting and Planning

Thanks to Gina at More Minis, I found a solution for my fuzzy walls in her tips for dollhouse assembly. Gina suggested "sanding" the MDF siding with a brown paper bag.

I was very doubtful, but it worked! It removed most of the roughness on the siding so I could paint. Thank you Gina!

I received my wallpaper from Itsy Bitsy Minis on Saturday. Love their quick shipping! I think it will look great in the attic.

I'll need to prop the building up again so I can see how to install the wallpaper. I'm planning to add a cutting table and some storage around the attic dormer. More math. More wood to cut.

No laundry was done this weekend. I know you will understand. ;D

Hope you have a lovely day!

Sunday, March 20

More Work

I learned something yesterday while priming the garage. I brushed the primer on the interior walls but I spray primed the windows and exterior walls. Bad idea.

What I ended up with, using the spray primer, was FUZZ! The spray lifted the fibers in the MDF and made a real mess. I'm going to have to do a lot of careful sanding to correct this problem before I can paint the exterior.

I did go to the paint store yesterday. I got two custom color samples for the downstairs walls. I also picked up this handy little paint roller and tray. Cute, cute and very helpful!

I started out with light gray walls. The textured ceiling will be the same color.

I let that dry overnight. This morning I used painter's tape to make a line for navy blue at the bottom. This is going to be a Navy man's garage, you know. :D

I've never tried painting stripes before. I hope the tape comes off nicely?

I still like the speckled floor I made, but I don't like the cardboard I used. I'm planning to re-do that today.

I also started laying out wood for the attic floor. I really just wanted to see if I had enough skinny sticks. I do. I sure wish my Easy Cutter wasn't all in pieces! I still can't seem to get the new blade installed. So frustrating!

I am considering putting LED lights in the garage. I've been chatting with Evans Designs about what kind of lights and how many I'll need. They are SO helpful! They will even custom make the wires to the length you need.

I may try to make my own light fixtures? I'm sure that will add another month to this project!

Thanks for following along on my first build! I really appreciate your comments and suggestions!

Saturday, March 19

Real Houseworks

I set up a table outside this morning with my real saw horses. I actually removed a door from its hinges to make the table. Don't tell my landlady!

I'm priming some of the pieces of the garage. These are just the walls and windows.

I'm using a spray primer for the windows. The walls are painted with a brush.

While these pieces are drying, I thought I would run in and do a quick post. I need to go back out and sand everything again.

I found a can of red paint for the exterior in my storage room. :D I had used it to paint the front door of the house I used to live in. Now I don't even have to go to the store today!

Better get back to work. Hope you have a good day!

Friday, March 18

A Whole Lotta Thinking Going On

I've been up all night thinking. Well, most of the night anyway. Thinking about the garage. Trying to decide what color to paint the outside?

My first inclination was to paint it to match the beach house. Then I realized I don't have a table large enough to display them together. So it won't really matter what color the garage is.

Last night I did my usual web search for ideas. I found this adorable birdhouse at The Songbird. It reminds me of my garage. :D

Photo from The Songbird

When I saw this house on Picasa, I knew I had found my colors!

Even the rusty shed out in my backyard seems to agree with me this morning?

Now I just need to go get some paint. But first, I have to drag myself to work and try to stay awake all day!

Thursday, March 17

Hats and Overalls

I finished Grandpa's overalls. Sorry for the dark photos. It was really early when I took these photos this morning!

I decided that Grandpa should have a hat to wear. I pulled some white fabric over a marble that was the size of Grandpa's head. Then I sprayed it with hairspray and let it dry. I made the brim out of white seam binding glued over a strip of cardstock.

Grandpa even tried it on for size. He is such a good sport!

Now Grandpa has a Navy hat to wear. :D

I need to make him a new shirt. This is the one he was wearing when I got him. I'll use it as a pattern for the new one.

Grandma will soon have a new hat too! Kat the Hat lady is making a very special hat for her! I am so excited to get one of Kat's gorgeous hats! Can't wait to show it to you!

Hope you have a happy St. Patrick's Day! I'll be wearing the green, will you?