Thursday, December 31

Tuesday, December 29

Do You Dream About Minis?

When I woke up this morning I realized that I had dreamed about making little toys for my dollhouse dogs! Here's one I made this morning...

There will be more! :)

Sunday, December 27

Things To Do?

What are you doing these days between Christmas and New Year's Day? Are you resting? Reflecting? Recovering? Ready to move on? Ready to try something new?

I did change my blog background thanks to The Cutest Blog on the Block. I think it's perfect!

But I'm not quite ready to leave Christmas just yet. My tree is still beautiful. My tummy still full. My house is in need of cleaning and there is laundry to be done. Those things can wait.

The lists can wait. The plans can wait. I just want to keep Christmas here for a little while longer...

Don't you?

Saturday, December 26

The Day After Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day? I know I sure did! We opened lots of presents. Dinner was delicious! We ate and ate, and then ate some more. We played games and laughed so much that my sides hurt! Laughter is my most favorite part of Christmas!

We watched my all time favorite Christmas movie AGAIN too!

I hope you have a happy day after Christmas! I'm thinking it's time for some left-overs and maybe another piece of chocolate?


Friday, December 25

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

May your heart rejoice this Holy night! Oh come let us adore Him!


Next Year's Project!

T'was the day before Christmas and I have a wonderful idea for next year's project! I'm going to take the Real Good Toy's General Store I bought and make it into a Veterinary office!
I love animals! I already have six (!) in my dollhouse! They will all need to go to the vet at some point so this will be my next project! Grandpa can be the semi-retired veterinarian!

I'm collecting ideas...

I think this
will be lots of fun!
I can't wait
to get started!

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all!

Don't forget to do something special for your best friends this Christmas!


I have a new follower this morning! How perfect! Welcome Woolytales Miniatures!

Wednesday, December 23

Free Printable Gift Tags!

If you are still wrapping gifts like I am, you will enjoy Living Life as Art. There are pages of free downloadable Christmas gift tags like these and more!

Paper Crave is another great site with lots of goodies! Beautiful designs and free too!

I want to thank all of the creative women who have contributed their talents on these sites!
I'll be visiting them often in the new year! Right now I need just a few pretty tags for my presents this year!


Melancoly Mood

I'm having a rather melancholy morning. I wonder if others may feel the same way at this time of year?

There is the excitement and preparation for this Christmas, the memories of Christmas past and perhaps the knowledge that this Christmas may be much different. Just pause the playlist to listen to this beautiful video.

I think it is good to embrace the feelings you have and let them be.
Music and poetry have always helped me to do just that. This poem by Emily Dickinson reminds me that these melancholy moments don't last long.

A Thought went up my mind today
That I have had before
But did not finish some way back
I could not fix the Year

Nor where it went nor why it came
The second time to me
Nor definitely, what it was
Have I the Art to say

But somewhere in my Soul I know
I've met the Thing before
It just reminded me 'twas all
And came my way no more.
-Emily Dickinson

If you too, are having a few moments of sadness this Christmas... I wish you many Christmas blessings.


Tuesday, December 22

Beachy Dining Table

Here's my new dining table. I think it looks nice with these little chairs. I was going to make my own chairs, but when I saw these on Ebay I thought they would be perfect. I like the mix of the natural color with the white.

My inspiration table wouldn't allow the chairs to tuck in underneath. I didn't like that, so I had to come up with another plan.

I used sandpaper for the top and tiny shells and beads under the "glass."

I may add more details to the top? Maybe a bit of sea sponge or some bubbles? I'll try some things and see how it goes. Pam at Small Seredipities did a perfect shoreline for her little 1/4 scale beach house! Check it out!

Hope you had a good day. Here I am making minis when I should be wrapping presents! Better get back to that!


Monday, December 21

Christmas Mail from New Zealand!

I was SO EXCITED today when I went to my mailbox! I received a sweet Christmas card from Mercedes! All the way from New Zealand! Look what was inside! :)

Two darling little sailboats and a mini book about New Zealand!

But wait! There is MORE! A whole library of little books! Fourteen more!

They are so perfect and there are so many! I am so happy and so surprised! I just love all of these little gifts! Thank you so much Mercedes!!! You made my day so special!

Merry Christmas Blessings!

Sunday, December 20

Table and Chairs

I know I said I was done with minis for a while... but I want to make a dining room table to go with the cute little chairs I bought. I need a place for my new dishes!

I'm still planning to try to make a table that looks like this one.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Community Playthings makes wooden furniture for children. Simple and easy enough to copy in miniature?

I've always had a love for wood. My grandfather made many things with wood. I remember the smell of sawdust in his workshop. It is still one of my favorite scents!

I also have a child's wooden table and chair set that belonged to my children. They used it for everything from coloring to tea parties.

It looks just like this one. I'm saving it for my grandchildren.

I think children need simple toys. Handmade if possible. They bring out the natural creativity in a child much more than video games or television. They last longer too!

My kitchen counter and my desk are my workshop now. My dollhouse is my project. Maybe grandpa is looking down on me and smiling?

Blessings, Kathi

Saturday, December 19

Do You Shop Etsy?

Christmas is not even here yet and I'm thinking about Easter! Isn't this the cutest little thing you have ever seen?!

I found this little bunny at LittleElfsToyshop and he's mine, all mine!

If you like reasonably priced needle felted cuties, click on over to visit Kelley! Her shop is wonderful!

Okay, I'm done with minis for today. My list has been made and I really need to start checking things off!


Candle Making

Lindsay, the Miniature Maker, shared this really cool idea and I just had to try it! Mini "candles" made from pushpins and beads. Aren't they pretty?

Thanks Lindsay! Something else to keep me from cleaning the house and doing my Christmas shopping!

Happy Mini Making!

Friday, December 18

Craig's List Dollhouse

I found this dollhouse on Craig's List. I know, I have one dollhouse that's not nearly finished and a store I haven't even started... but I'm very tempted to buy this one!

Does anyone know who might have made it?

Just look at what Robin Carey did with this house!

The Craig's List dollhouse includes all of the furniture!

I see a trundle bed...

Bunk beds and a cradle.

Living room with a fireplace and grandfather clock.

It needs work, but that has never stopped me before! If it is the Mint Julep, the parts and accessories are still available. They are asking $75. The unfinished kit sells for $157 - $169!

What do you think? Should I buy it?

Wednesday, December 16

Five Star Christmas Swap! The Gifts are Here!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one who joined in my very first swap! I proclaim the swap a HUGE success!

The swap was limited to the first five people who signed up. Each person made five mini Christmas gifts and sent them to me. I divided the gifts up and sent them on to each of the participants.

They are an amazing group of very talented miniaturists! I am thrilled with the things I've received and couldn't wait any longer to post them!

Here are the things I made for the swap. Each person received a mini beaded tree and wreath, a poinsettia and a basket of pine cones from me. The pine cones are real! They came from a tree in my yard. They are scented too. :)

Here's what Deborah made for me! The tree is decorated with teeny tiny beads! The bells really ring and that little snowman has stolen my heart! Just look at how precious he is! Thank you so much Deborah!

Next is the most adorable little plate of cookies from Jill! Look at the little glass of milk with the straw and the note for Santa! It says "Dear Santa, the cookies are for you. The carrot is for Rudolph. P.S. I've been very good this year."

I must have been very good this year to receive this gift from Jill! I love the little Merry Christmas box too! Thank you Jill! These treats will be set out for Santa on Christmas Eve! I hope he's not very hungry!

This next gift is from Karin. The wreath is so pretty and look at the plate of goodies! So tiny! So amazing! There is a lollipop, some fudge, hard candies with little Christmas trees in the middle, sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies! All on one little plate! It's only 1 inch in diameter!! Thank you Karin! How did you ever make such tiny treasures? They are perfect!

Jaime made this little tree under "glass!" Isn't it precious?!

Then there is this wonderful gift from Kim! The hutch is covered with clay (?) details and painted a soft cream color. Kim lined the inside with green Christmasy paper. The accessories are all loose so I can arrange them as I like!

There is a wreath decorated with candy, a pretty little punch bowl filled with pink punch and eight tiny punch cups! There are three Christmas cards, a tabletop tree, a stocking and two gingerbread cookies! And just in case that wasn't enough (!) there is a sweet little gingerbread house too! Thank you Kim for all of the hard work you did making this! I love it!!

I am overwhelmed by all of these precious Christmas gifts. They are so special because they are each handmade by my friends!

My first swap was a huge success thanks to YOU! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you again for all of these beautiful mini blessings!

Love, Kathi

Crafty Blogs


I love crafty blogs and One Pretty Thing is a great place to find them!

This little Advent house is from Delphine Doreau @ Non-Dairy-Dairy. There are 25 little houses you can print out! I can see many of them in miniature! Delphine's ideas are for personal use only. Thank you Delphine!

Here is another blog with wonderful ideas! Gail @ That Artist Woman posted these adorable little trees and snowmen! They would be fun to make with your children/grand children!

I also love Gail's tiny skiers!
There is a tutorial too if you'd like to make them! Thanks Gail!

I'm tucking these ideas away for next Christmas! Please click on over to One Pretty Thing for other pretty things you can make!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, December 15

Oh Happy Day!

I've finally found dolls for my dollhouse! I bought a grandma, grandpa, two girls and a little boy! I can't wait for them to arrive!

The Ebay seller will be on vacation until after Christmas. Now I have something to look forward to in January!

Oh, and Deborah is making me something custom for my dollhouse too! I won her give-a-way and I can't wait to see what she does!

I'll be posting the gifts I received for my Five Star Christmas swap soon. I had so much fun doing this! Thanks to all of the girls who joined. You are so creative!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I really need to start my Christmas shopping, don't you think??


Monday, December 14

Two Trees Decorated

I finished my real tree and my mini tree yesterday.

My real tree is decorated with ornaments I've made and collected over the years. I like to keep it simple. Same with my mini tree.

Now I have a big mess to clean up!

I need to make a dining room table for my new dishes. See that stack of fabrics? I love the colors! I'm thinking about re-covering my little sofa and the white chair I made.

Will all of this be finished before Christmas? Who knows...