Friday, October 30


These images are from Susan Sargent.
If you love color and beautiful design, you really need to visit her website!

These items are real life size but wouldn't they be great in miniature!?
I'm always looking for inspiration for my dollhouse.

Where do you find yours?
Blessings, Kathi

Thursday, October 29

Look What I Won on Ebay!

I've been looking for a little blender for my future dollhouse kitchen. I've found a couple that were okay...

Then last night I found this little beauty below!
I bid on it and WON!
It is entirely made of glass. I love the blue base! The lid comes off too!

When I finish the living room, I'll have to build my kitchen! This little blender needs a home!

My friend Mary Charles says, "Make what you can, then buy what you can't."

Blessings, Kathi

Tuesday, October 27

Dollhouse Flooring

I'm working on my new hardwood floors in the living room. I'm using skinny sticks. Here you see the sticks acclimating to the room. They just may have to acclimate for a while longer.

The sticks have rounded ends that need to be cut off. So far I've done about 70. Here's what my finger looks like now. OUCH! I also have a blister on my thumb from using the scissors.

I don't know who will give out first, me or the scissors? I've got about 80 more to cut.

Does this qualify as an excuse to purchase a Micro Mark saw? I think so.

Think I'll go try dipping some candles or something... Thanks Katie at Katie's Clay Corner!

Sweet Dreams, Kathi

Monday, October 26

Update - Five Star Christmas Swap!

The Five Star Swap is now complete! Kim at Flowers and Art signed up this morning!
Welcome Kim! So happy you have joined! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Karin at Mini Musings and Ramblings joined!

Jill at Little Nest Studio joined too!

Jamie at JLil Roomers signed up!

Plus Deborah at Deborah's Daily Dish!

These wonderfully creative ladies are preparing their gifts!
We are all waiting to see who the last star will be!

Welcome Kim from Flowers and Art! You are our shining star!

Blessings, Kathi

Sunday, October 25

Busy Sunday

I was visiting Gina at More Minis today and found these links for some really cool printables. I had never seen them before so thought I would share them with you. Thanks Gina!

Boop Mini Printables
Boop Jeans Printables
Rhonda's 2000 Printables

I found some great printies that I'll go back for - whenever I get my printer working again?

Gina also has a tutorial for using chamois to hinge a door. I used her idea to attach the doors to my bookcase cabinets. I'm waiting for the glue to dry but I think it's going to work!

I reclaimed the dining room for dining today...

I moved my dollhouse into the workroom. I even vacuumed the floor!

Now I'm off to cut the rounded ends off 175+ (!) sticks so I can start doing the living room floor.

Wonder if there's a good movie on TV tonight?


Saturday, October 24

Completely Coastal + Etsy = Wonderful!

Special thanks to Maya at for the post Handmade Beach Decor!

Check out these darling Seaside Christmas Cottages at Tropical Cottage on Etsy!

I can only imagine the hours and hours that went into making these cottages! I just had to show them to you!

They are all for sale! Click on over to Etsy to see all of the wonderful details on each house!

I am really California dreaming today!

Blessings, Kathi

Thursday, October 22


I want to welcome my new followers! I am so happy you are here! This is what my view was today from the parking deck at work. The sun is shining again here in Alabama and I couldn't be happier! There is a touch of fall in the air too. I hope you enjoy your visits!

There is only ONE opening left for the FIVE STAR Christmas Swap!

Just comment on the previous post to sign up!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening! I have a special post coming up thanks to Bella Sinclair!


Tuesday, October 20

Five Star Christmas Swap!

FIVE STAR Christmas Swap!

If you would like to participate, here's the plan. I'm going to keep this swap simple.

Just make five 1:12 scale Christmas miniature gifts and send them to me. I will divide them and send them on to the first five people who sign up! I can't wait to see who joins!

You can make something special for each person or just send the same thing for everyone.
You will receive five different Christmas minis from five people, including one from me. If you would like to join in the fun, please comment on this post.

The deadline to send your minis to me is Wednesday, November 18th. That way I will have time to package them and mail them to you before Christmas. Don't forget to send me your email and mailing addresses!

I will post the names of the participants, but let's keep the gifts a surprise!
Merry Christmas Blessings!
Welcome! Jill, Jaime, Karin, Deborah and Kim! We have five participants! This SWAP is now closed.

Monday, October 19


I've seen several miniature swap groups and I'm wondering how to join one? I think it would be so much fun to make gifts for other miniaturists and to receive some beautiful mini accessories too! :)

Have you participated in a swap and was it fun? How does it work? Are they by invitation only? Can anyone join? I would be interested in hosting a swap if I knew how to do it...

If you have some ideas or information, please let me know!

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Sunday, October 18

The Big Reveal

Have you ever watched those design shows on television where they have a "big reveal" at the end? Sometimes they haven't finished all of the projects in time. They all run around staging everything anyway... Well, here you go!

My living room fireplace with built in bookcases!

You might notice that the cabinet doors are just taped in place and there is no crown molding (yet). I figure if they can do it on TV, so can I!

So just RELAX and imagine you are at a nice little cottage on the beach where the sun always shines! That's what I'm going to do!


Bookshelves - Making Progress

I'm making progress with the bookshelves. I hope to finish them today? The cabinet doors are presenting a real challenge!

I've also been working on the walls and ceiling in the living room. I removed the chair rail where the fireplace and bookshelves will go and repainted the room. Hopefully, things will come together soon? The floor will be my next project!

Hope you have a good day!

Saturday, October 17

Friendship Award!

I created this little Friendship Award for you this morning. Even though we may be far apart we are close at heart. Our love of miniatures is what brings us together!

I think Snoopy and Woodstock are the perfect little friends. Thank you Charles Schultz!

I want to thank everyone who follows my blog and those who leave me such sweet comments! I consider each of you my friend!

If you would like to pass this award along, please do!

The rules are simple. Just pick three friends - I know that's hard! Choose someone who has inspired you or brought joy into your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving them this award and ask them to pass it on! Then please link back to this post so I can see who receives this award! That's it! Hope you enjoy sharing this award with your friends!

I would like to give this award to:

Bella Sinclair - Bella has just done a drawing for me based on a poem I wrote a long time ago. I'll post it later, with her permission. She is the sweetest, most gifted illustrator I have ever met! Her drawings bring such joy into my life! I'm so thankful to call her my friend!

Casey - Casey's blog is the first one I read every day. Casey challenges me to learn, to be creative and keeps me laughing too! Thank you Casey! Big hugs from Alabama to Arizona!

Debbie - I want to thank Nikki for introducing me to Debbie. When I heard that Debbie was sick and needed open heart surgery, my heart went out to her. I'm so thankful that she is able to return to this mini-world again! In this big wide world it's so nice to find a friend like Debbie! I know if we lived next door to each other we would probably get into big trouble!
She is just my kind of friend!

I hope you enjoy passing this award to your friends too! Friendship is a very special blessing!

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." C.S. Lewis

Better Late than Never Award!

I want to thank Linda at Linda's Minis for this beautiful award! I've seen it on other blogs and was hoping someone would send it to me! How sweet!

Thank you Linda!

I'll pass it on later! "Better late, than never" right??


Friday, October 16

Beach Cottages for Rent

Located right along soft, sandy shores we are the best "little" vacation spot you will find!

Relax with a great view of warm, crystal clear waters! These one bedroom, one bath cottages are the ultimate in beach living experience.

All six cottages are fully equipped with ceiling fans in every room.
Seasonal rates apply.
Contact owner for details and availability.

Hope to see you soon!
If the sun ever shines in Alabama again, I'll try to get a better photo! Hope YOU have a SUNNY day today!

Monday, October 12

Award from Doreen and DollMum!

How nice to receive this beautiful dream blog award today from Doreen' Miniatures and Memories and DollMum! I just love the dreamy smile on this little girl's face! She's a doll!

Both of these ladies have beautiful blogs. If you haven't visited them lately, please do!

Now I have the opportunity to nominate 10 other blogs for this award! So here are my nominations! Drum roll please!

Taenia's Miniatures - Check out the beautiful bathroom tile she made herself!
J Lil Roomer - She just made the cutest utility shelf filled with cleaning supplies!
Marlies - A very sweet and generous miniaturist! Thanks Marlies!
Loten nukkekotipaivakirja - Run over here to see the SHOES!
My Miniature Adventure - This gal loves Blythe and Re-Ment! What a collection she has!
Lizelund - "Changing the world into miniature, one thing at a time!" Love that!
Happy Little Muffin - If you like chocolate, you NEED to go here!
Mini Leaps and Bounds - Jody has just opened her Etsy shop! Check it out!
Miz Mary's Minis - Maybe this award will bring her out of hiding? Where are you Mary??
Debbie at Tiny Treasures - Hope this little award cheers Debbie up and lures her back to blogland!

The rules are:

1. Show the image of the award, and state rules.

2. Post the link of the person that gave you the prize.

3. Display 10 blogs to which you grant the award.

4. Advise the blogs listed

Whew! That was a lot of links to post! Don't forget to visit my nominations and wish them congratulations!

Beautiful Mini Blessings!

Sunday, October 11

An Award from Rosanna!

I just received this beautiful award from Rosanna. Thank you so much! I have been following Rosanna's blog for long time and am amazed by her creativity and beautiful miniatures!

Here are 7 things you may not know about ME!
1. I don't have a passport and have never been outside the USA except to step into Canada when I was a kid at Niagra Falls.
2. I usually sleep with a sweatshirt over my jammies and socks on. I don't like to be cold!
3. I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Ohio, moved to Florida when I was a teenager and somehow ended up here in Alabama?
4. I love ice cream and eat a lot of it!
5. I'm 5'3'' tall and shrinking.
6. I collect cat hair and dust bunnies.
7. I will never give up, grow up or get old.

I would like to pass this award to:
Sylvia at Lotjesdollshouse
De at De-Lightful Minis
Moon's Miniaturen
Oese at Raum fur Raum
Bella Sinclair

I follow so many creative blogs that it was really hard to pick just seven! I wish I could add about 50 more!

So here are the award rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you. Thank you Rosanna!
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Many Blessings!

Research and Development

No wonder I don't get much done in my real life! I'm spending too much time at this computer!

I promise I'll go do some laundry and clean up the kitchen as soon as I finish this post...

I laid down some popsicle sticks in the living room just to see how many it would take and how they might look. The popsicle sticks are 5/8 inch wide.

Then I tried Star Bucks coffee stirrers and liked them much better. They are 1/4 inch wide and look more realistic. You wouldn't think 1/8 of an inch would make much difference but it does. Guess I just might have to go back to Star Bucks!

The good thing about coffee stirrers is that you can cut them with scissors. Much easier to cut off the rounded ends than using a craft knife or saw.

One of these days I'll buy a nice saw from MicroMark.
I'm wondering if I can just glue the sticks right down to the plywood floor? Do you think they would warp? That's my biggest concern.

Thanks for following my progress, including the research and development!

Floors and Molding

I'm looking at flooring for my dollhouse today. Here's the look I'd like to have. Isn't this floor beautiful!?

I'm researching the board sizes in real life so I can try to duplicate this in my dollhouse. I'd like to use skinny sticks or popsicle sticks? If anyone knows of a tutorial, please let me know!

The bookcases are almost finished. They just need some crown molding and another coat of paint. Here's a video I found on how to cut crown molding.

Piece of cake? I'll let you know! There's always another project waiting, isn't there??

Making Progress

I've been working on my fireplace and bookshelves. Here's what things look like so far...

I went to Mary Charles Dollhouse store yesterday and got some little trim and crown molding for the bookshelves. I still need to glue them together, add the shelves and finish painting.

I also need to remove the chair rail that's in the living room. I found out that a hair dryer will soften wood glue so pieces can be taken apart. Maybe it will work for the chair rail?

Hope the sun shines where you are today!

Saturday, October 10

Welcome 100th Follower!

Valeria from Italy became my 100th follower today!

Valeria has a new blog, IL MONDO INCANTATO, with just one post. She has made some very realistic salami on a board. I can't wait to see what she does next! Welcome and thanks for sharing your love of miniatures!

I am so excited to meet Valeria plus I have a very special surprise for her! I've collected some mini making things and some little things that I have made!

Congratulations Valeria and WELCOME! I hope you will email me your address so I can send this little gift off to you soon!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit and leave me a comment. I really appreciate all of you mini makers, each and every one of you!


Friday, October 9

Thought You Might Like to Know

Ceiling joists do not run parallel to roof rafters.

Just in case you need to know.

Inspiration comes from many sources.
This from Erin at House of Turquoise.
I'm lovin' this table!
And the ceiling joists.
Sweet dreams!


I want to welcome all of my new followers!
Thanks for joining the fun at my mini blog!

Hope you enjoy your visit! Mojitos are now being served in your honor! While you're here, please feed the fish.


Built In Bookcases - Day One

I'm so thankful to have found the coffee stirrers I needed for my beadboard bookcases! They were even the perfect length! 7 inches!

I spread a thin layer of wood glue on a piece of balsa wood and glued them down. Then I put them between two pieces of waxed paper and weighted them down overnight.

Here's how they look propped up in the living room with the fireplace. Next I'll be building the cabinets and shelves. More later...

Hope you have good Friday!

Thursday, October 8

Thank You Starbucks!

I ran into Starbucks today at lunchtime. Ordered a sparkling blackberry drink and a slice of their yummy pumpkin bread. Then I asked to speak with the manager. A really nice guy came up to the counter and asked "may I help you?" I said, "yes you can!"

I told him I was working on a dollhouse and I needed a handful of their coffee stir sticks. He said, "sure," grabbed a BIG bunch and put them in an empty cup for me.



Guess you know what I will be doing this evening! Hope you have a great day!
Stop by a Starbucks and tell them "thanks" for me! I've got big plans for these little sticks!


Wednesday, October 7

This Might Work?


I want beadboard behind the shelves in my bookcases. Like this.

I searched for wallpaper that looks like wood paneling, looked for wood with lines in it, and then this idea came to me.

I got out a scrap of basswood. Found a small crochet hook with a pointy end (I don't crochet so at least I'm using it for something!) then I scored little lines down the wood. Presto! "beadboard paneling!"

The only problem I see is making sure the lines are parallel and straight. I'll let you know if this works...


Tuesday, October 6

Here's the Plan

I've been cutting wood this evening. I'm making cabinets and shelves for either side of my fireplace. Lots of pieces to this puzzle!

Here's the plan.

I gave up on the tile idea for the fireplace. I used spackle and tiny shells instead. Sometimes when something fails, a better idea comes along.

I've been measuring (more than twice) and cutting lots pieces of wood for the built in cabinets. Now I just have to glue them all together! I think it's time to get some Legos so everything will be square!

I haven't made the cabinet doors yet. I want to be sure they fit after the cabinets are done. I'm also looking for ways to attach the doors...

These little hinges look too difficult and have to be nailed. I want my cabinet doors to open and close but there must be an easier way? What about pins? Has anyone done that?

Hope you had a good day. I love to see all of the things you creative people are making!
Did you see Sylvia's dormer?! Amazing!