Monday, October 10

Designing the Kitchen

Thanks to everyone who voted for my next project! I've started designing the kitchen based on my inspiration photo from Country Living.

The first thing I did was get out the graph paper and start measuring. I found this very helpful web site that gives the measurements for standard kitchen cabinets. Changing them to 1:12 scale is not difficult using Jim's Dollhouse Scale Calculator.

Since I am a visual learner, I taped my ideas together to see what it might look like. I see a problem already. The upper cabinets are too far from the ceiling.

If you look closely at the inspiration kitchen you will see that the cabinets are set higher. My challenge is to make them the correct size and also have them be accessible to my dollhouse people.

I guess Grandma could use her little step stool to reach things?

I'm just not sure I want to take the chance of her falling and breaking her hip or something...

I'm going to go help Grandma down off the step stool and get back to measuring. Hope you have a great day!


Lady Jane said...

Wow this looks like quite a project!!! I am sure you will keep Gramma safe... Hugs, LJ

De said...

You could put a display shelf over the top of the cabinets so that the lower height would look intentional. It's a great way to display baskets, teapots, plants, etc. That would keep Grandma safe. :)

Unknown said...

Seguire de cerca su trabajo. Me interesa ver como monta su cocina, asi me animo con la mia XD


dalesdreams said...

I think it's dangerous from Grandma to be on that stool! lol, what if she breaks a hip? ;)

Thanks for the link to the calculator, that is very helpful. :)