Sunday, October 30

Projects on the Desk

I love Home Depot. If you look around you can find FREE mini supplies. :D

Like this vinyl flooring sample that I'm using for the kitchen counter top. It's nice and shiny and you can cut it with scissors!

I like this color too. Looks like granite or marble. Remember, this was FREE! :D

This is just one of the projects on my desk. There are more...

Again, I'm using a piece of exposed xray film. I used it before to make Mike's swimming pool.

The film turns blue if exposed to light. I didn't do that on purpose, promise. I found it in the trash.

I started working on a blue "glass tile" backsplash for the kitchen. This is going to take a long time!

Perhaps I should work on one project at a time? Maybe I should clean my desk too?

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


dalesdreams said...

That is a great idea for the counter tops. I'm going to have to remember that.

How are you cutting the tiles out?

Lady Jane said...

Tomorrow I go to HomeDepot and look around, lol... Thanks for the heads up. LJ

MiniAussie said...

I, too, have discovered the free samples section at our local store - and have collected enough for counter tops etc ;-) GREAT idea!!! Had never thought of xray film!! Brilliant!

jose said...

I love your works they all are the brilliant ones: there is you have the desk just as mine you voleras crazy looking for any tool!