Monday, October 24

Back to Work

I've decided to get back to work on the kitchen. I still have a band-aid on my finger but it's healed enough to cut wood again. This time I am being more careful!

I added beadboard and a shelf to the side of the fridge cabinet. The wallpaper is installed inside the pantry. This morning I cut the shelves. I'll need to paint them next.

I also want to show you the cute things I got from Casey. She sent me some tiny people and five of her beautiful little kitchen towels! Thank you so much Casey. :D

Hope you have a good day. Thanks for following my mini projects - the good and the bad!


Elga said...

Looks like Mike will have to throw a swimming party!!!!! Glad your finger is better, I sliced into mine a few weeks ago, not a nice experience at all!!!!

Lucille said...

Thank you for the step by step process. It's always interesting to see some of Casey's infinite stash!