Tuesday, October 11

It's Best NOT to Ignore Grandpa

I really haven't been paying much attention to Grandpa lately. He watched the poll of projects and was really disappointed that I would not be working on his garage next.

So. He went shopping. On Ebay. I didn't know he knew my password.

Midwest Products Dinghy Boat Kit

When I asked him about his purchase, he said, "I need something to work on while you are in the kitchen."

I don't think he understands that this is just another "little" project to add to MY list. I've never built a boat before. I hope Grandpa knows how!

Maybe I should ask him to help me build the kitchen cabinets? I could use an extra pair of hands, however small they may be.


Eliana said...

All help is welcome! ;)

Petra said...

I didn't know he knew my password - hahahaha!
Greetings from Germany - it's such a pleasure to read your blog, I should tell you more often, that I'm a faithfull reader....

Ludmila said...

Beautiful boat!

Fabiola said...

Fantastic work!
Bye Faby

A. Wright said...

Humnn.. I might have to let me fingers wander over to Ebay.. that little kit would fit right in with my plans for the willowcrest. Maybe I'll wait and see how you feel about it's construction first :D