Friday, October 21


Casey suggested that I visit Cynthia Howe Miniatures and check out her free tutorials. I found the perfect one that explains how a doll is assembled.

Grandma is now in surgery.

All I need to do is find my hot glue gun. I haven't used it for anything in a long time! I know it is around here somewhere...

Perhaps I should call in Anesthesia also? Grandma looks a bit frightened!


Piikko said...

I hope you found your glue gun!!! Granny really looks she need someone to hold her hand. Maybe handsome physiotherapist after surgery.;) Thanks for the link Kathi.
Minihugs, piikko

Norma Bennett said...

Poor grandma - she looks traumatised - I think she might need post-operative counselling as well as the handsome physiotherapist.

carmen said...