Tuesday, October 25

Free Groceries!

If you haven't visited Sherree's Grocery, you need to go! Sherree's Printables offers hundreds of FREE printies for your dollhouse.

I have a lot of shelves to fill in the pantry. I just made a couple of things today.

You will need to resize Sherree's images after you copy them. I just used a real cake mix to get started and Jim's Dollhouse Calculator.

After that, you just print, spray with clear fixative, cut, fold and glue them together. I used a glue stick and that seems to be working just fine.

Looks like I'll be busy making groceries for a while. Here is a link to another post where you can find links to other printable sites.

Thanks Sherree! Hope you all have a nice evening!


Audra said...

I have also opened boxes flat of products we buy and take pictures of them to make them mini. Even my Little Ceaser pizza box (grease stains and all) and the housework garage kit box

Anna said...

Good Morning! instead of dusting the real kitchen....one "has to go through" all these beautiful mini things again...always something sweet to save, just in case one might use it later!

Kathi said...

Audra- Great idea! I'll have to try that!
Anna - I always find minis much more fun that real life cleaning!

Anna said...

fully agree!! :)

Lucille said...

Thank you for the link, Kathi. You always have such good links to share with us.

Troy said...

Thanks for the link to this site! Who doesn't need free groceries?

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks for sharing - I love this!