Thursday, October 20

Grandma Got A Haircut!

Grandma (and I) decided that we really didn't like that big bun on the back of her head. It kept getting in the way if she wanted to wear a hat. Or even try on new clothes...

So I gave her a haircut.

I'm still fighting with the old bun to give up more hair that I can reuse. I do have some mohair with some grey in it. Hopefully, I can give Grandma a new hairstyle that will be flattering and more "Grandma-like."

All of the little old ladies I have known have had a perm. They also went to the beauty parlor once a week for a wash and set. Did your Grandma do that?

Poor Grandma has a broken left leg too. I thought she looked a little "weak in the knees" in her last photo. I'm not sure how to fix that?

I promised her a new dress for enduring the scissors. So far, she has only shed a few tears...

I hope she doesn't get mad!

Photo from Causes of Hair Loss in Women over 50


Caseymini said...

Kathi, Cynthia Howe has some good tutorials on putting dolls together and doing hair on her website. This will take you directly to the index for different tutorials.

If you need more help, e mail me and send me a couple of different views of Grandma, so that I can see how she is put together from the side. Maybe I can help.

Kathi said...

Thanks Casey. I need all the help I can get! :D