Tuesday, October 18

The Hazards Of Building A Pantry

OUCH! I just sliced the end of my finger!!!
Not off, but almost!


I'm okay. Really. Just mad at myself for not being more careful. Maybe if I wasn't trying to cut little pieces of wood on the floor that might help?

I found a cool website that gives the dimensions for standard pantry shelves. It also shows the measurements of different food items the might be stored in a pantry, including their height. Very helpful!

I had hoped to get the shelves cut for the pantry this evening and have something better to show for my work.

Here's a fiasco from yesterday. I printed a flamingo transparency to make the pantry door. I forgot to seal it evidently. Take one. Try again!

Hope you had a better day! I'm going to go eat ice cream and kiss my wounds.


otterine said...

:[ Oh, no! Yeah, go have some ice cream. Hmm, maybe I should have some, too, just for moral support. ;]

My Wee Life said...

You poor thing :( Think you need lots of ice cream :)

Mary said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad day. Enjoy your icecream. I wish you quick healing and much better days ahead.

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, Kathi! I feel for you. Several weeks ago, I nearly sliced off a chunk of my pink finger on a Japanese mandolin. Hope yours heals quickly.