Sunday, February 28

All Charged Up!

Well, here we go! My new jigsaw is all charged up and ready! It's time to cut holes in the house!

Here is the front of the house that I haven't seen in months. There is still lots of work to do! I need to finish painting, add the deck railing back, and fill the window boxes etc...

This is the now empty interior. It's amazing how different the house looks without anything in it. I see some things I want to change and lots of things I want to do!

Now here is where the holes will be. One new window and a set of french doors. I hope to have this done today with all of my fingers intact!

The room on the bottom left below will be the kitchen. That's where the french doors will go. It is a really small room but it will open up to the conservatory. That's a project for another day!

I now have this house, a conservatory, my "Feline Towers," a future general store/animal clinic and a travel trailer on the way! I'd better get busy!

Hope you have a great day!


Lize said...

Best of luck and keeping ALL your fingers intact Kathi! Never fear, it is going to look great when you are done!

jose said...

you a lot of care with those plots I have already had several incidents for being a carpenter it this remain very well

Cheryl said...

If anyone can do it you can. I Love the french doors and new window!

Pan said...

Good luck! I am sure you will do a wonderful job. The colours of that blue house are so pretty.

beyondbaffled said...

You do have a busy day - good luck!