Sunday, February 27

Garage Floor and More

I'm working on the floor today. Literally. I've got the garage floor painted and sparkled. I still need to coat it with something to make it really shiny.

I think I'll make a tile border for the room. It won't show much, but I think it will look better than a solid floor.

I'm also trying different colors for the walls. These are just some pieces of card stock I had. I'll paint the walls once I decide what color to use.

Not sure which combination I like best?

I may go with something entirely different, I don't know? I'm also thinking about making a wave stencil to use instead of straight white trim?

I really need to get my printer working again so I can make Grandpa's Navy signs for the walls. This is fun, but there are SO many decisions to make!

Hope you have a good day!

1 comment:

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I like the colors in the last photo best. I think that they look more like "grandpa colors". Just one woman's opinion. I like the floor. Of course, my opinion might be all wrong today...The world is upside down. There are a couple of inches of snow in the back yard!!!LOL