Saturday, July 21

Trouble With Triangles

I finished building a little rack for my cue sticks today.  I wanted something more modern than the ones you usually see. It was easy enough to make. I used round woodsies. The cue sticks can be removed when it's time for a game of pool.  I like that.

Then I decided to make a wooden triangle to hold the billiard balls.  Not an easy task for someone who did not pay attention in math class!

Anyway, I did it.  It took me a while. A LONG while. I have trouble with triangles!

The new measuring tool I got from MicroMark helped. So did my new Easy Cutter. I have no idea how to clamp this. SO I'm waiting for the glue to dry and hoping it won't fall apart when I pick it up to sand and stain it!

I've tried wood filler, spackle and now I'm trying glue to fill the holes in the billiard balls. I added one drop of glue. I think it will take two...

I will need to repaint them, then add stripes and numbers to each one. I thought maybe I would try punching some 1/8" paper circles and glue them over the holes where the numbers will go?

Teeny tiny numbers!?? Do I really want to do that?!  I'm not sure. My eyes are crossed already!

Hope you are having a good weekend. I'm off to see what everyone has been doing. Then I may go to Michaels and see if they have some 4mm round (really round) beads.  :D


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh Wow! You do the most amazing things!! Love the cue stand!

Rosamargarita said...

Hola Kathy, que gran trabajo con el mueble que sostiene los palos de billar!!! es genial y el triángulo quedará perfecto!
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

mcddiss said...

que herramienta mas curiosa la tuya, seguro que el triangulo quedara bien pegado y lo de las bolas , menudo trabajo



Caseymini said...

Kathi, If glue doesn't work, try wood putty and over stuff them. Then you can sand down the excess. Good luck.
As for holding the triangle in place, wedge the ruler that you have them in, in your gluing jig and hold it together with a magnet. That should hold it until it is dry.

Fabiola said...

I like the cue stand.
Bye Faby