Friday, November 9

This Is The REAL Deal

This is not a dollhouse. This is a real house that is for sale in Jensen Beach Florida.

Very near the beach and close to my youngest son.

I can see myself sitting here with my feet in the water after a swim. There is even a glass block outdoor shower!

Yes. I can really see myself here!

I can see myself here by the fire pit in the evenings. Planting more flowers along the top of the wall. Bougainvilleas to climb on the fence.

I can see myself planting hibiscus along this wall.

You do see the palm tree, right?  There is plenty of room for more!

Do you think I would replace the light fixtures?  I
would. Would I change the mosaic backsplash?
No! Paint the cabinets? Probably.

Would I love to drive up to these colors every day?
Yes. Yes. Yes!

Dream a little dream with me.  :D


Marisa said...

I'd go for a complete remodel and take out those windows in the front, I'd have to install an ac unit though and your right..repaint the cabinets..the mosaic can stay but those light fixtures have got to go

maybe I'd do something with that glass block too maybe extend it ..

Caseymini said...

Kathi, when are you moving?....I know the feeling....Dream on! You know that you could build it in mini, the better to dream!

Kathi said...

The house already has air conditioning. The windows are fine. Might need hurricane shutters if there aren't any already?

A little suntan lotion, a couple of towels and a margarita and I'm all set!

Lucille said...

I can't dream with you Kathi because I'm a winter girl. I love the cold and I am miserable in the heat. It is a gorgeous house, though!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What beautiful pictures Kathi!!!

onbeingaminimum said...

Oh I am always looking at the houses for sale in my area it is fun to dream but none of them have swimming pools!! It rains far too much!

Sans! said...

I hope you get it! I will love that house too :).

Kikka N said...

O`what a wonderful place, go on having Dreams! :)