Tuesday, December 8

Do You Like Printies?

My computer printer wasn't working for the longest time. Now that it is, I'm having tons of fun experimenting with printables for my dollhouse.

Little books and magazines are so cute and I've made just a few. I need more practice!

I've found some Christmas printables recently. I'm making some little gift bags and boxes for under my (hopefully soon to be made) Christmas tree.

I tell you, once you start making these you will be addicted!

A printer, paper and card stock, scissors and a glue stick are all you need! Oh, and some patience too!

There are quite a few free printables sites. Here are some I've found.

Jim's Dollhouse Printables

Marlies and Minis
Jennifer's Printables
Casita's Imprintables
Jean Day Miniatures
Boop Mini Printables
Sherree's Printies - Thanks Casey!
Christmas Mini Printables @ Sherree's

I'm just learning about printies but I'm really enjoying them! Thanks to everyone who offers them for FREE!

Blessings, Kathi


Lize said...

Your books are turning out great Kathi! In no time your bookcases will be filled to the brim.

Caseymini said...

The printies are looking good so far. Keep it up, Kathi. I have put this one on my blog a couple of times. This site will keep you in printies almost forever! http://picasaweb.google.nl/sherree2 Have some more fun!

Eva said...

Books a boxes look great. Thank for sharing the links Hathi!

PAKY said...

The books are great... thank you for tell us about the printable links... regards