Thursday, December 10

Dollhouse Dolls

I've been considering dolls for my beach house. I haven't found the right ones yet. I think it would be fun to have an older, retired couple living in my beach house. If I could ever retire, that's where I'd like to be!

All of the grandchildren could come and visit. I think they would like their room upstairs.

I found these dolls on Ebay.

What do you think? Grandma looks a little gruff. She really needs a new hairdo too! Their clothes can be removed and they are poseable. I'm thinking that I need to keep looking?

I just found a new blog today, by Taru in Finland. Check out her amazing dolls here!

I found these doll bodies today. They might work? I'd have to wig them and make clothes but that might be fun?

I love Kathe Kruse dolls! Isn't this one just darling?!

Hope you have a happy day!


Lize said...

Hu Kathi, the 'grandchildren's room looks great. I love this last little doll! She/he is absolutely adorable!

Lize said...

Oh, that was hi... and NOT hu!!

Jill said...

I love your idea to have retired folks living in your beach house. They could be retired "Santa Cruz Hippies" out here in CA. They could wear cool clothes and her hair could be more wispy-- oh, and she could wear beaded neclaces and cool earings-- oh, and Berkenstalks. Ok, I'm getting a little carried away.
I recieved my wonderful package yesterday-- thank you so much for all the mini wonderfulness! Everyone's contributions were wonderful. I'll be posting them soon. Thanks again!

Pan said...

The beach house is so pretty; I love the colours. You could have a lot of fun turning those dolls bodies into little characters. The last doll is very sweet, I love the blue outfit.