Wednesday, December 2

Patience is a Virtue

This morning I've been working on the last of my Christmas swap gifts. On a scale of difficulty, this one is at the point of being very challenging!

One is completed with four more to go. Guess I need to muster up some more patience and get these finished!

Thanks to everyone for sending me your swap gifts! Just as soon as I finish MY projects they will be in the mail to you! If I didn't keep thinking up more things to make I would have been done weeks ago! :)

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Kim said...

So excited! Do we have to wait till christmas to open?

kathi said...

No Kim,
We don't have to wait until Christmas! I do hope that everyone will wait to post about the swap until everyone has received their gifts. I'm planning a post for when I have everything wrapped and ready to send. No peeking until then! :)