Friday, September 23

Field Trip

My son Brian, came to Birmingham for the first time yesterday. Sharyn and I took him on a tour of two of the city's landmarks.

The first place we visited was the Vulcan Park and Museum. It was a beautiful day!

These are some photos I took from the top of the Vulcan Tower. The 56 foot tall Vulcan statue sits on top of a 126 foot tower.

From this height everything looked miniature! Those are REAL people down there. :D

Birmingham was the center of iron works in the 1920s. This is a pot bellied stove and frying pan on display in the museum.

Our next stop was the Sloss Furnaces where they made pig iron. The factory is no longer operational but open to the public. We really had fun exploring this place!

Some people say the old furnace is haunted. Tomorrow I'll show you why! :D

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