Sunday, September 18

Fifty Cents Over Budget

Sharyn and I had a great day at the Atlanta Miniature Show! I bought just a few things on my small budget. I could have spent a LOT more!

I found the wallpaper I was looking for at Karen Benson's table, The Quarter Source.

I went back to her table three times! Karen was so sweet and SO helpful. I love this bedroom set.

I met Barbara Sabia and drooled over her gorgeous stained glass pieces. They are so delicate and so perfectly made. I hope to take one of her classes someday.

Martha Watkins (from Shellville Ga - no website) gave me a quick lesson in wigging and making curls from mohair. I bought three of her darling kits that were only 50 cents each. Her dolls were so beautiful. I can't believe I forgot to take photos of them!

Here are some other little things I bought.

The hand thrown pottery was made by Alex Melklejohn. His table was the first one inside the show. I could have spent my entire budget right there. I only bought four, but wanted a lot more!

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the room boxes and displays from the show. I was really impressed by the Gypsy Caravans made by the Atlanta Miniature Club!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Caseymini said...

Only fifty cents????How can that be? It sound like the mini show was a success!

I have that same wallpaper that you bought. I have been using it in the quarter inch wall house that I am working on.

Now....Back to work. No more excuses. Lots of new supplies to play with.

Maria Ireland said...

Looks like you got some great stuff and had a great time :)Hugs Maria

Unknown said...

So many wonderful minis. Thank you for sharing.

Sandra said...

Wow - you are so disciplined keeping to your budget like that! I can never do it. I save up all year for our one and only fair here in Sydney but still can't keep to my budget. I love Karen Benson's products - I buy from her online a lot, she is always helpful and friendly online too. She even emailed me during stopover on a trip once to clarify an order. Hugs