Sunday, September 4

Why in the World?

Why in the world would someone grab an old black umbrella out of someone's trash and then keep it for months without doing anything with it?

I'm not sure either, but maybe it was the nice black silky fabric or the cool little spindle thingys inside? I cut it apart and the rest will go in the trash on Tuesday. Promise.

I AM making some progress in the work room but I keep getting distracted. Like finding all of these little houses. At least one shelf is done.

I started working in the closet. I think it was Casey who had the idea of using one of these closet organizers. I've had this for a long time too. I was going to use it to store fabric but I have too MUCH fabric to fit in here!

This isn't working, but I'll figure out some way to use this? Now there is room in the closet for some other potential distractions...

I've cleared a path through the room now. I just need to take out the trash and find a way to deal with all of that fabric. I may make a trip to WalMart for more clear storage boxes?

We're expecting some heavy rain later today and tomorrow. Good days for working inside and/or sleeping... a nap sounds really nice right now...

Lots of mini projects are calling me too. I received the 1/4 scale windows and doors for the Spanish house yesterday. Mike is wanting to set sail on his boat. Grandma is in her sewing room complaining that it looks like my workroom. She's right!

Hope your weekend is going well. I think I may be buried in here for a long time!

PS. Why in the world would someone hijack Miz Mary's blogs and use them to promote her own interests!!? Not nice. Not nice at all!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, may I join you? My workroom is a lot messier than yours! I had a hard time getting the rolling desk chair out of the room. It broke and I need a new one....That's my excuse for not going in there to clean....And I am sticking with it!LOL

Maria Ireland said...

You sure are doing well on the cleaning up ;)Just think how much fun you will now have Messing it up again lol. Hugs Maria

Rosamargarita said...

Antes de tirar la sombrilla podrías conservar un poco de la tela, queda perfecta para hacer un paraguas miniatura.
Un abrazo

Audra said...

Looking good! You may find some things that you didnt even realize you had!

cockerina said...

what I'm saying maybe you'll laugh .. I also have a broken umbrella, hidden in the chaos of my laboratory ... But I have not taken the garbage, I swear! ha ha!
much better your organization, I like the container hanging in the closet! I, however, have a chest of drawers with wheels, and transparent drawers, to see inside without opening ... brilliant!
not too tired, Grandma is waiting for you ... :))
kisses and good Monday!

Lucille said...

I've enlarged all the pics in the blog before this one and have enjoyed looking at all your stuff. Have you ever got the job ahead of you! I did a major clean up of closets and drawers and bookcases and files at the end of March and almost went crazy. Good luck, poor, poor Kathi. Have fun! Don't give up. Just keep going. I love those plastic, see thru plastic towers! You should get some of those.