Monday, January 30

Kitchen Floor Tile

I found this pretty tile design at Villa Lagoon Tile. They make beautiful real cement tile! Go see all of their gorgeous tiles!

I emailed them last year to ask permission to copy this Savona tile design for my dollhouse. They graciously agreed and here it is! I like this tile so much that I've tried to design my entire little kitchen around it. I love the colors!

The real tile comes in several sizes. I think I will use one inch tiles and not try to cut them up so small. I can't cut a straight line to save my life!

I'm still planning and measuring but this is how they might look in the kitchen.

Casey and Sylvia have done lots of tile work with great success! I'm off to see how they do it. :D

Hope you have a beautiful day!

"All tile designs of Villa Lagoon Tile and tile color combinations in these and in historical tile designs are exclusive to Villa Lagoon Tile and it is strictly prohibited for others to copy them."

Thanks Lundy for allowing me to use your beautiful tile in my dollhouse! :D


Unknown said...

Pues queda un suelo muy bonito!!

Troy said...

They are great. Are you printing them on paper? What is your process? I like the brackets under your microwave too.

otterine said...

Beautiful choice! :D

Unknown said...

these are going to look great

Lucille said...

Lovely pattern! Very cheerful! Grandma will be very happy!

Susanne said...

Nice! Great colors!
Love, Susanne

Lundy Wilder said...

Thank you for showing your photo. Looks great ! We are pleased you like our tile. I'll watch for the finished project.
Best wishes, Lundy

Karma Butik said...

very nice..

Kathi said...

So far, I've printed the design on cardstock. I'll cut the tiles then glue them to poster board. I found some poster board with a "disappearing" one inch grid. That should make this a lot easier?