Saturday, August 15

Learning the Scale

Before I proceed with my mini-making I need to be sure that I'm making things in the right scale? Math was never my strong subject! I trying to use a 1 inch = 1 foot scale.

So far I've made beds, a bookshelf, bar, sofa, beach bag and a little wall shelf.
When I put these things side by side the sofa looks too small...

But in the photo below it looks alright? Are my eyes deceiving me or is it the camera?

The sofa and bed won't be in the same room so maybe they are okay?

I'm working on a dresser now. I've made the frame. Now I just have to figure out how to make the drawers? I also need to go get more wood. Love having a reason to go to Michael's!

Hope you have a great weekend! I love weekends! More time for mini-making!


I've linked up with Hooked on Houses today. I'm hooked on mini things and mini houses!
Check out Suzy Homemaker's post Real Life dollhouse! Amazing!


De said...

I think everything looks to scale. There is so much variation in size in the real items that you have a lot of leeway in creating the mini ones. It's all looking beautiful!

A. Wright said...

I agree with De, I think the bed vs. sofa look just fine. Look at it this way, a headboard is much taller than the back of a sofa, and a love seat would be about the same width as a bed if you lay across it. I think they look great.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, as you said, the sofa and the bed aren't going to be in the same room, but I think that the scale is ok anyway. Most seating furniture is lower that bed height. If you are unsure, go measure the real thing. Most sofas and chairs are somewhere around 15 to 18" at seat height on the real ones.(1 1/4 to 1 1/2" in mini) I always go to the real thing is there is any question on measurments.

Kathi said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! On with the dresser! I'm looking at my real one to see how it's put together. Maybe that will help?
I'm determined to do this! :)

Mary said...

Can't wait to see the dresser. I'm sure it'll turn out beautifully like your other creations!

Tootie said...

I think the sofa looks great! I love the room!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Kathi,
THe sofa and bed look fine together in the photo. Sometimes I adjust the scale of a thing so it looks right, it depends a lot on the size of the room.
Love that little bed!

Jo Raines said...

I don't think the sofa is too small or out of scale--I love it! What wonderful pieces. And I also love the two links you provided. The interiors offer so much inspiration.

Jody said...

They look good to me. You are really moving along! Thanks for the links. I liked both of those.