Monday, August 3

Master Bedroom and Bar

Here's a photo of the freshly painted bed, still not finished white chair, and a little bar I made. The bar won't stay in the bedroom, I just wanted to show you how I finished it.

I found the prettiest light silvery blue paint at Benjamin Moore! I splurged on a little sample jar ($4.49!) because I love the color so much. BM has hundreds of beautiful colors in their sample sizes!

I'll use the blue here on the walls and ceiling. I'll have to re-think the bedding now that I've changed the color scheme. I've always loved a soft blue and white bedroom. It will be a real contrast to the kid's room upstairs!

Here's another inspiration room I found at Coastal Living. Wouldn't you LOVE a view like this!?

I've had such a good time on my mini vacation! Thanks for following me on my mini adventures!

Blessings, Kathi


Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Oh Kathi! You are making great headway on decorating your much so that I'm having difficulty keeping up with all your progress. :) Those swinging beds are just too darn cute! Love the master bedroom too. Isn't it wonderful to have the freedom to make changes in colors or decor as you go along? Too bad it's not that cheap or easy to do that in our own homes! ;)

Jo Raines said...

Yes, I'll take that scene. My SIL, DH's sister, was married to a conscience-lacking-but-nevertheless-money-making millionaire and they had a second home on the beach in Port St. Joe, Florida. It was like a residential street that happened to have the ocean in the backyard. We would go down the week of July 4th and might be the only family on the beach behind that house. It was paradise. However, she finally woke up to his various shady deals, infidelities, and basic low-life lack of character and that was the end of our paradise vacations. She got the house in the divorce but soon sold it. Poor me. Did they ever think of my feelings???! Lol! Just kidding--sort of. Your room will be lovely. I love the blue.


cindy@muttleymanse said...

I am REALLY enjoying following your blog and your dollhouse redo. I just started working on mine and still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do.

Jill said...

What a great view- I love Coastal Living Magazine! I love how your bed has turned out-- looking forward to seeing the new wall color! It sounds great!

Jo Raines said...

Kathi, I've passed on the Fourth Photo challenge to you on my blog. You're to open the fourth photo file on your computer and post the fourth photo and explain something about it.