Tuesday, August 18

"The USB device is not functioning properly or cannot be detected"

I had some photos I wanted to show you of my dresser and the bookcase I'm working on. BUT. Somehow my little USB port has fallen down inside my computer and can't be found!

I can't upload any photos right now! I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to...

I emailed my computer wizard son and am waiting on his professional advice. I hope I can get it fixed soon!

Here's a sneak peek of an idea I'm working on.

In the mean time, I'm following everyone to see what YOU are doing!



cindymeguiar@yahoo.com said...

Had photo issues myself last week. I know how it is! Will be waiting to see what you are working on. Have a good week.

Jill said...

Love that boat shelf! I recieved one in a swap last year-- mine is blue and I love it. I hope to someday do a beach house and use it then. A boat shelf would look so great in your house! Can't wait to see your version!
PS: Love your list of Beachy Inspiration! I went through it the other day for inspiration on my people size house!

Marian said...

Thanks for your visit. In my blog I have a translator (TRADUCTOR) for you. I'm going to visit for you. Kisses.