Thursday, August 20

Works in Progess

I'm back! My son told me to take the side off my computer to re-attach the USB port. Easier said than done! Tiniest little screws I've ever seen! Turns out I needed to take the front off too. Inconceivable!

I did get it loose enough to squeeze my little hand down in there and plug the port back in. Of course it won't STAY plugged in. So now it's taped in place with blue painter's tape!

Couldn't find my duct tape or I would have used that! Duct tape can fix most anything!

Anyway, here's a couple of photos of what I've been doing.

I'm working on the dresser drawers. Not so easy but I'm getting there...

I made a little beach pail using the tutorial from the pitchers everyone has been making. I still need to make a handle and trim the bottom.

I finally found some alphabet pasta! I'm so excited about that! I have enough for the entire mini community! I'm making a "beach" sign now. Love those little letters! So many possiblilities! Thanks Mercedes for the idea!

I'm using the box here to hold the bookshelf together while the glue was drying. I really need to get some Legos!

Well I must get back to my painting etc. Hope you are having a good evening!

Blessings, Kathi


Caseymini said...

Kathi, I don't know how it is where you are, but here if you use the pasta letters you have to seal them really well.....Bugs love them! Love the pail!

kathi said...

Oh oh... didn't know about the bugs! Do you think paint will seal them enough???

cindy@muttleymanse said...

Love the idea of the pasta. Glad you are back!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Now that's a good lifetime's supply of pasta, you'll have fun with that!
The bookshelf is looking good.

Tootie said...

What a great idea those little letters are! :-)

Sahildeki Ev said...

You are creating such lovely stuff.. I enjoyed your blog..

Tallulah Belle said...

Glad you fixed your computer :-)

LOVE the idea of the alphabet spaghetti...I'd never have thought of that !

I love the boat bookshelves...that'll look great.