Friday, November 6

Beautiful Blessing from Bella Sinclair!


The red-headed boy in the red striped shirt
Sat under the red light on Ruby Street
His lips were like cherries. His face as beet red.
In his pockets he held his prize!

They were stuffed with red licorice and lots of red hots.
He hoped he was not caught red-handed!
Mother told him an apple was all he should buy
Then go back to playing red rover.

But the color so bright, was such a delight
And the red bird told him to do it!
So now crimson stains on his hands he must hide
But his smile surely gives him away!


I wrote this poem a long, long time ago. It is the first of three color poems. Red, Yellow and Blue.

When I found Bella Sinclair's Doodlespot I was delighted! Bella draws the most darling children! Her wonderful sense of humor sparkles in each of her drawings.

I asked Bella if she would make me a drawing based on my poem and this is what she did for me! Isn't it precious!?

Bella told me that she has never done any professional illustrating. I think she should! Please click over to her blog to see her wonderful artwork!

Thank you SO much Bella! My simple little poem has been brought to life, thanks to YOU!



Lize said...

Very sweet Kathi!
That Red Bird tells me to do many thing too...

Kim said...

How wonderful- and so perfect for the poem- I must go visit Bella! Have a lovely weekend Kathi!

Jo said...

How lovely Kathy! The poem is very sweet, and the illustration matches it perfectly! Now, where are the yellow and blue poems? ;-)

Bella Sinclair said...

Awww, shucks! You are too sweet, Kathy, just like his pockets. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. It was fun!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to scooch a few pups and kitties aside and take a nap. :)