Wednesday, November 4

Beach Reads

I've been admiring Mercedes' little books and would like to make some beach themed books for my dollhouse.
I don't really know where to start?

There are so many beautiful books about the beach! These are just a few images I found online today.

I'm wondering how to get photos of the entire book jacket and not just the cover?

Will I need to photograph the books myself and then shrink the photos to miniature size? Scan the covers, then save and print them?

I'm puzzled. If anyone (hint hint Mercedes!) knows how to do this, please let me know!



Lena said...

I also admire Mercedes lovely books, and also want to know how she makes them...
She use something white inside them, but what is is? They look so perfectly and real!

I think Your books with beach theme will be great!


kathi said...

Casey at Casey's Minis has a book tutorial. She used a thin white foam sheet for the inside of her books.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I do indeed have a tutorial for closed books using white fun foam.With those I just use cardstock or leather for the cover and paste on the front illustration.

Somewhere I also have a tut about making the covers on the computer. I cheat though. I make the front and back the same and squeeze the same photo to make the spine. They all match, but aren't really a whole book cover. There must be a good tutorial for doing whole book covers. I get most of mine from the Book of the Month Club website.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hi Kathi, same here, i have been trying everything to scale down whole book covers like Mercedes with no luck:-( I dont have Photoshop so tried a free similar download and was pleased to see it scaled down my photos of covers but when it went to print it was all fuzzy and still large ahhhh, maddending. I do hope Mercedes does a tutorial or shares her tips, as her books are a delight! I have cheated too and made the same cover front and back as my scanner isnt large enough to do a whole cover but it isnt as wonderful! Kate xx

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Kathi,
The books aren't hard to make just time consuming. I don't have photoshop! I do it all in Microsoft Word 2007. I'll try and do a tute when I'm not so busy!

Anonymous said...

I did a mini tut on my blog about making books But this might be more complicated than what you are looking for. For simple books I scan the books myself and then shrink them down to size or I go to the authors site to copy them from there. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the front and the back of a book on the site. A lot of books just have a plain back so you can improvise by just using the same colour background that is on the front. Look at the back of some of the books you have - many just have a bar code and you could copy that if you wanted.I use white fun foam for the inside of books I want to lay flat or sometimes I cut a lot of little blank pages for a book I want a doll to be holding open. I use cardstock for most of my book covers.

dalesdreams said...

How cool! Wonderful tips in the comments.

I think my dollhouse will need some coffee table books. ;)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Yipee thankyou Mercedes we will all be looking forward to your tutorial, and I have Word so maybe something I can try!! Good luck with your books Kathi and thanks for asking the question we are all wanting to ask!! Kate xx

PAKY said...

Thanks so much, It's a pleasure for me follow your blog, you have many beautiful things here.... regards from Spain

Bella Sinclair said...

How adorable! Teeny tiny books. And the Dr. Seuss ones are a fine acquisition. Oooh! Wish I knew how to make these miniature marvels. Build a big library, and I will definitely move in. I will be the Thing That Never Leaves.