Saturday, November 14

Tiny Houses

Have you seen Tumbleweed Tiny Houses? Have you read The Small House Book by Jay Shafer? Wee wonderful real houses!

Now, how cute is this?! Check out Small Living Journal! I love the great tips for living small!

Hope you have a cozy little weekend!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, I went to see if Amazon had "The Small House Book". They don't have it and don't know if they will be getting it back in stock. I can't pay almost 40.00 for it. I was hoping for a discount. No luck.

I have a book that came out in 1993 called "The Tiny Book of Tiny Houses" by Lester Walker. It is all black and white, but it even has blueprints for all of the houses in it....One is a wonderful beach cottage. It reminds me of you. That one is available on Alibris for 15.00 and up if you are interested.
It is one of my favorite books and I keep trying to talk myself into building one of the houses in it in mini. I just have never been able to decide which one.

Maybe when the price comes down on that one....Interestingly enough, there were no used copies of Jay Shafer's book on Alibris.

kathi said...

I'm going to check the library to see if they have these books. Would love to see the Tiny Book of Tiny Houses!

jose said...

that nice well is the small house

dalesdreams said...

There doesn't look like there is room for a dollhouse. ;)

I'm a big fan of Sarah Susanka and The Not So Big House, but this takes it to a whole new level!

beyondbaffled said...

This post is great - I have had a love for treehouses for years now. These tiny houses remind me of some of the the fancier treehouses that I have read about that have pretty much everything you need to actually live full time in them.
I agree with what dale said above though, where would you find room to work on dollhouses?