Tuesday, November 10

It Just Occurred to Me

I'm going to need a coffee table to put my coffee table books on! Lize has made me the most beautiful book! I can't wait to show you!

Right now there are no tables in my living room! Guess I'll need to make more furniture! I really enjoy doing that.

I don't want a Victorian house and accessories. Very pretty, but not my style. That's why I'm building my own things.

I found some of Michael's mini hutches. I bought two of them. One for the bathroom and one for my future craft room. For $1 each they are okay. I didn't notice that one was broken until I got it home. Oh well, I'm going to change it up a bit anyway.

I like casual, cottage, simple furniture. Painted furniture. Comfortable furniture. Furniture you can put your sandy feet on and not worry about where the dog takes a nap!

Check out this real life family room done by Karla and her hubby at It's the Little Things that Make a House a Home!

Isn't it GORGEOUS!?

I bought a mini golden retriever for my dollhouse today. She reminds me so much of my real life best friend! It's not needle felted, which is want I really wanted, but I can't afford one of those!

Here's some ideas I've found for my "new" coffee table.

Cottage Home

They all look simple enough to build. Which one do you like? I think I like that last one best.

Sweet Dreams,


Mirja said...

I like the last one....It's beautiful.. I love that fresh style :)

rosanna said...

Totally agree, the last one is the best ( for me) Have a nice day Rosanna

Sans! said...

I would have bought the 3rd one in real life although I already have 2 similar ones. LOL!

Victoria said...

I like the third one (to the right) and the last one too:)

Kim said...

I would choose the third one in real life too- love the chunkiness of it, but for the feeling of your beach house I like the last one- and it would look really great with your bookcases. The book turned out sooo cute- what a wonderful touch to add to your dollhouse!

A. Wright said...

I think the last one will be perfect for your beach house and would be really easy to make with skinny sticks.

Jill said...

I love the last one! I'm with you-- victorian isn't my thing. (Although shabby chic is.) I love your little golden retriever. I really want a needle felted "Hagrid" but can't afford it either. Maybe someday...

Lize said...

I'm totally in agreement with you on the table! Last one has lots of space for little 'goodies' to make it interesting...the tray would be nice in real life, but it would just hide the 'little stuff 'underneath in minis. I removed your books from my blog, so hopefully it will not turn up everywhere! If you print it out and find that you'd like me to make little changes, just leave me a note on my blog. It is easy to do it. Things I tried but didn't work: white title as it looks nice and fresh, and I do not want to make your photo smaller to make a blue frame on the cover as the photo loses clarity. Another thing that didn't work was to make all three words in your blog name the same size (and font) as it somehow lost impact. Of all the words to focus on, 'beautiful' somehow worked.. I also used papyrus for most of the script, i think you like it because you have used it on your blog.

kathi said...

I love the book Lize! Thanks so much for personalizing it for me! I love everything about it!

dalesdreams said...

I pick the last table as well, I think it looks the most, beachy. ;)

It was really sweet of Lize to make the books for you, how special! :)