Sunday, July 26

Attic Bedroom Ceiling

Well, I did it! I painted, cut and glued the dollar store place mat to the bedroom ceiling! I used spray adhesive and it stuck really fast!

I just dry brushed some white paint on for now. What do you think? Should I cover it with white paint or leave it as it is?

I would love to have a ceiling fan in this room! I still need to add some trim and do the floors...

I'm planning to paint the walls a pretty color too.

Speaking of paint. Do you use flat, satin or semi-gloss paint in your houses? I used flat paint on the walls here. I think it might look better with a little bit of shine?

I'm having trouble getting the right shades of paint. I've painted the exterior shutters four times now!

I started to draw lines on one shutter to see if I'd like more detail. I think I'll just paint over that. I also have some tiny starfish that might look cute on the shutters.

The acrylic paints I've found in the stores are too bright for the interior. Can I mix them with latex interior white paint to lighten them up? Have you ever mixed up your own paint colors? What did you store it in?

I think I'll make a couple of twin beds for this room. The ceiling is too low for bunk beds but that is another idea I had. You need to have lots of beds in a beach house for all of the guests!

This is my first bed and mattress. I still have to finish the linens for this bed. I just keep getting distracted with other things!

Thanks for any advice you can offer me. It's fun to see at least one room coming together!

Blessings, Kathi


blushing rose said...

Absolute cuteness! TTFN ~Marydon

Caseymini said...

Kathi, how about a trundle bed? Low, but still two for the size of one. I love the ceiling just the way it is! Good job!

De said...

I love the ceiling just like it is with the dry brushed paint. I usually use satin finish paint and I have mixed my own paint with craft acrylics mixed with interior white. I store it in a margarine tub. I love what you are doing with your house!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the ceiling. I would paint it white as I like a more finished look but if you are going for shabby chic style (I think that is what it is called) then leave it as it is. I am not a great painter so I use wallpaper a lot as it covers up a lot of sins. When I do use paint, I use my acrylics and I mix the colours to get the shade I want. said...

You are doing a great job on your house. I am always eager to see what you are doing next. I love the ceiling just like it is.

MiniKat said...

Love the way the ceiling looks. I would leave it alone if it were me. Casey beat me to the idea of a trundle bed. ;-)

hannajaleijona said...

Oh, the ceiling looks wonderful. I love to follow how your beach-house turns out to be a real treasure. I like the ceiling as it is, but it depends on how you're going to go with the rest of the surfaces... it'll be wonderful which ever way you'll choose... or maybe some colour too... ;o)

Kim said...

I also like the ceiling as it is- it looks very beach cottage to me. What a great idea to use the mat as the ceiling- it looks perfect! I sometimes use those little sample pots of paint that you can get at the hardware store for painting my dollhouse. They must be satin or semi-gloss because there is a bit of a sheen when the paint dries. I'm not a very experienced dollhouse miniaturist though! I'm still learning lots too! I think the starfish on the shutters could be pretty cute!

Alice said...

Nice ceiling! Great minds must think along the same paths. My shack's upstairs ceiling is covered with a bamboo place mat too, but I made the choice for structural reasons as well as cosmetic ones.

I think that starfish on your shutters would be sweet!

Tallulah Belle said...

Splendid idea...I like how it looks right here too.

Mins said...

This looks fantastic, very clever idea Kathi ;)

I use (now don't go laughing at me when I tell you) urine specimen containers I buy from our chemist to store paint I make up myself in. These little plastic screw top specimen containers don't leak, are air tight and cost only $1 each.
I have a whole shelf of different paints and varnishes stored that have lasted very well, I've even stored turpentine & methylated spirits in them with no problems!

Keep up the great work, your blog is my favorite so far, I just love reading all your ideas!