Monday, July 13

Monday Musings and An Award!

I've been thinking today about how helpful and encouraging all of you mini bloggers are! I love visiting each of you and am learning so much! I have another blog that is sadly neglected now. I have become addicted to miniatures!

I never thought I would love this new craft as much as I do! I think it is because it has given me a way to encompass all of my creative interests all into one place! I love to decorate, paint, wallpaper, re-purpose, salvage, shop thrift stores and craft stores. I love to sew, do counted cross stitch, garden, make things and experiment with new techniques.

Most of all, I love to PLAY! I didn't have a great childhood and feel like some of that time was lost. I was forced to grow up too fast and was given too much responsibility at a very young age.

Some of my happiest moments were to wander down to the stream behind our house. I would find little things to play with there. I made boats out of leaves and wood, people from sticks and gathered beautiful little flowers. I made castles from rocks and built dams across the water to make miniature lakes. Sometimes I would take these things home and hide them in my room so I could play with them later...

I think finding the world of miniatures has taken me back to those special times. I find that I am absolutely engrossed in what I'm doing when I'm working on my dollhouse! Time just seems to fly by! My creativity has come alive again and I want to thank all of you for your inspiration!

I received a very special award today from Casey at Casey's Minis. Thank you so much!

The Bella Sinclair Award is dedicated to a true artist with a very special gift! Her art is simply beautiful! I feel humbled to have been given the opportunity to share this award too! I'm limited to five but if I could, I would include every one of you! Each of you has given me something to enjoy, something to strive for, something to spur my creativity but most of all
someone to share my progress with! It is so wonderful to find so many others who also love little things! You have been such a blessing to me! Thank you!

I would like to pass this award to:

1. Liberty Biberty - Mercedes is one of the first bloggers I found. I love how she shares her craft with her daughter, Liberty. They remind me of myself and my own mother. I hope she knows what precious memories she is creating with Liberty! Her miniatures are perfectly made too. I am inspired each time I visit her!

2. Miz Mary's Miniatures - Mary has given me so much encouragement and so much helpful information. I love her stories and I love how she shares her thoughts as she is making things. Her tutorial page is one I visit often too! I need tutorials! Thanks Mary!

3. Lotjesdollshouse - Sylvia has the most beautiful ideas and makes the prettiest things! I love the fact that I can visit the Netherlands any time I wish! Her little beach house is absolutely perfect! I love her three dogs too. I'm sure if we lived close to each other we would be best friends!

I must add two of my very favorite places to go for inspiration. They are my constant source of ideas!

4. Completely Coastal - a website dedicated to all things beachy! Of course, since I'm making a beach house, you'll find me there every day! They have compiled the artistry of many into one absolutely beautiful place! I am seeing everything in miniature now so I go here often just for ideas!

5. Dear Daisy Cottage - Kim is a friend from the RL blogs. She has a heart of gold and the most colorful and happy home! She not only shares her home but her beautiful photography too! I love her little daschund, Maggie too! Kim was the inspiration for me when I was trying to find my style for my own home. Her colors have brightened my world and her blog is one of my very favorites! I wish she did miniatures!

I know this is a very long post! This award really got me thinking about artists in a whole new way. You are all artists! Each and every thing you make and share gives me a glimpse of who you are! I love being part of your world! Thanks for making me feel like we're friends!

Love, Kathi


Mary said...

Your extensive list of crafty loves and talents sounds remarkably similar to many of ours in the mini gang. I don't wanna toot the horn too much but miniaturists both master and newcomer are some of the most talented people I've been lucky enough to meet. Thank you for letting us into your world and sharing with us your creations! It's an honor and truly humbling to receive this award from you. I love the beautiful meanings behind it. Thank you, Kathi!

Mini hugs,

blushing rose said...

How blessed you are by so many lovely ladies. Congrats to each of them for the impact they have made in sharing ... TTFN ~Marydon

rosanna said...

Hi Kathi, thank you for fllowing. You are right , there are some wonderful people hidden among minis. I'll follow you progress with your beach house. We all share the same enthusiasm. See you soon Rosanna

Ces Adorio said...

kathi, thank you for stopping by my blog. I loved your potato chip comment. What a great sense of humor, just like Bella Sinclair. I am hoping and praying she can come back soon. You will love blogging with her. CONGRATULATIONS. (P.S) I did not make any rules with the award, so if you want to give them to others, go ahead.