Monday, July 27

Trundle Beds

Thanks for the suggestions to make a trundle bed for my beach house!

I'm gathering ideas and wanted to show you some of them. This first one is my favorite, another bed from Maine Cottage.

I love the simplicity of this one. Gives me an idea for how to make the trundle part...

This little doll's bed is cute but I think it needs some feet on it to raise it off the floor?

The two below are from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the speed boat one! Too cute!

I know it would be easier to just buy a bed, but it's so much fun to make things!

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Kathi


Caseymini said...

Oh Kathi! The speedboat one would be perfect for your beach cottage! It is so cute. I want one for real.

Maya said...

The boat bed is really cute! I have seen in kids rooms. How fun must that be (for a child).

Tootie said...

I love the boat bed! How cute! You have some wonderful ideas. :-)