Sunday, July 19

Making The Bed

I decided this afternoon that I would start making a little bed for my dollhouse. I'm copying this one I found online. I don't think I'll try to do the little cutout. I'm afraid I'd ruin the whole thing!

Price $2,160 at Cottage Home!

Here's where I started. So far, so good.

Right now it's propped up in the kitchen while the glue dries. I'm going to add little beads on the bedposts like the inspiration bed above too.

I still have to make a mattress and bedding for it. I'm excited that it's almost done!

I'm going to paint the bed and make white sheets with coral trim. I found the perfect fabric for a bedspread! Of course, there will be pillows to make!

This bed was a lot harder to do than I imagined. Lots of wood cutting and measuring! I think it turned out pretty well, don't you? I'll post more photos when it's all done.

Sweet dreams!


Mary said...

You are such a fast worker, Kathi! I really like the headboard. It reminds me of the little fences around some coast houses.

Anonymous said...

Yes it did turn out really well. I made my first bed just a little while ago for my boys bedroom and it does give you a feeling of satisfaction doesn't it? Wait till you have all the bedding on it - you will be so proud!

rosanna said...

You have benn very good, I'm looking forward the covering. Have you read my answer on stiching fabric? I use 12#1 cm linen or 48#1inch silk gauze.

Imagery by Kimberly said...

It looks pretty darn amazing to me!
wow! Great job!!


Lena said...

Hello Kathi!
So nice work You´ve done with the bed!It lookes so nice and I beleive that its a hard thing to create.
Are you going to paint it red as well?
Thank´s for Your comment´s in my blog and thank´s for the inspirations.


fannipauline said...

When my girls were little I made them beds out of the bottom of a cigar box and put a old fashion clothes pin on each corner and painted it white and mad ruffled bedspreads. I made Barbie outfits before there were any patterns. I made barbie outfits for every little girl in the neighborhood. I made beautiful Barbie bridal dress. Those were good days. Now I have 4 great grandchildren aand the little girl is not into Barbies.
Manny Blessings.....Pauline