Saturday, July 4

Mary Charles Dollhouse Store

I made my very first visit to a Dollhouse Miniature store yesterday! My daughter and I had a wonderful girl's day out! We went to visit Mary Charles Dollhouse in the Mountain Brook Village here in Birmingham. I knew when we pulled up in front and parked the car that I was going to love this place!!

Mary's store is filled to the brim with dolls, dollhouses, miniatures and supplies. Every corner is stuffed with displays, dollhouses, miniatures, boxes and drawers of goodies! There is something for everyone here!

I met Mary Charles and her assistant, Janet too. They really love what they do and are so friendly and helpful! Janet is a hoot! She showed us her "gay bar" room and was featured in a local magazine. She has a terrific sense of humor and had us laughing the entire time!
Mary Charles, Janet and Me

They were so helpful and showed me around their beautiful store. I was amazed at all of the beautiful displays and miniatures they have collected! I took lots of photos too!

I was overwhelmed by all of the wonderful miniatures here! I only bought one thing! A dog.
He's not really a golden retriever but I'm thinking I can paint him? Now that I'm looking back at my photos I see another dog that I like better! I just might have to go back on Saturday and make an exchange!?

They also had a beautiful tiny shell mirror that I would love to have. It was $30 so I didn't buy it but it would be perfect in my house! Mary has lay-a-way, so I might just have to get it after all! She also had a beach house bike that I wanted but it was too big. Mary gave me several free photos that I can frame. She is a wonderful shopkeeper and very knowledgeable. I'm certain that I will be visiting her frequently!

I found shingles, wallpaper, lighting kit, and the stairway railing I need too. After I take care of the repairs and painting on my beach house I'm going back for those things! I had such a good time just looking around and dreaming!

When we left, I realized that we had been there for two hours! It seemed like minutes! I was so glad to find a place near me where I can get the things I need for my little house! If you live in the Birmingham area, please stop by Mary Charles Dollhouse and tell them that Kathi says "thank you!"

Right around the corner from Mary's is Brody's Deli. We had lunch there and then went to a gift shop next door. My daughter bought a bling ring which she proudly displayed on her toe! She plans to wear it on her finger but we laughed at her fancy toes!

I must say that this girl's day out was one of the best yet! Thanks Sharyn!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! May you find beauty in all the little things that you do!

Blessings, Kathi

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Mary said...

That shop is a miniaturist's dream--not to mention that it would look great as a dollhouse! I'm glad you and your daughter had a great day out.