Saturday, September 26

Beach Cottage Blues

My friend, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, posted some gorgeous beach cottage photos today!
Be sure to click on over to see why I'm so excited!

I've been looking for a remodeling idea for my dollhouse and here it is! See that roof top deck? Love that!

I can just see myself sitting up there enjoying this view!

The cottage below is painted "my" color!

Here's my dollhouse. I'm going to be working on the exterior this weekend. I still have lots of painting to do and might just add a roof top deck!?

This was my house in Florida. I loved this little bungalow!

As you can see, blue is my favorite color! What's your favorite? Where do you find your inspiration? I find mine at the beach! :)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend. My son's birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait to show you what I made for him!



sylvia said...

It is a beautiful house ( the beach house and your bungalow)

Blue is also my favorite color!!
Have a nice weekend and a wonderful birthday of your son.

Jill said...

Blues and greens..."coastal colors"-- LOVE THEM! I think my neighbors think I'm weird or something. They call my house colors "pastels". They all have dark warm tones and all that Tuscan, Meditteranean style decor. Give me light and airy!

Deni said...

That is a lovely colour
What a great place to holiday at!
My favourite colour is blue, but in clothes as it is my black!
I think heroitage colours are my favourite maroon,green and cream!

dalesdreams said...

Hot pink and black are my favorite colors, but, I don't think that translates well to a beach house. ;)

The blue is beautiful. :)

Kim said...

I love these colors, but I hardly ever decorate or work with them. I love everything fall- oranges, reds, golds. They are the first colors I gravitate towards. I have to admit that you and Jill are making me see the beauty of the lighter colors though. I hope you try the roof top deck- I would love to see it- I think it would look great on your dollhouse!