Sunday, September 20

Fuzzy Dog?

This is my attempt at making a fuzzy dog for my dollhouse. As you can see, I'm not too good at this! I followed the tutorial I found by Marlene over at Somerset House.

It looks easy enough? You try it!

Here's what the dog is supposed to look like! Marlene, you are a genius!

Guess I'll go finish the laundry....


DollMum said...

Pipecleaners take practice. Have another go on a different day and you might find it works better second time of trying. I remember making pipecleaner dolls as a child and it took several attempts to achieve what I wanted.

erin said...

How cute can you get. Keep trying and your dogs will be just as cute.

Did you make scarves for your cats? If so Kellee is having a Pet Blog party this week and I wanted to make sure that you know about it.
Have a fun week.

Deni said...

Oh I think they turned out really great!
gorgeous little doggies!

Jill said...

Those are adorable! The one you made looks like my dog, after a haircut!

Poppypatchwork said...

Maybe I should have shown my first attempts on my site, keep going it takes a few atempts. Thanks for the link Marlene xxxx

Loly Rodriguez said...

pero que cosas tan lindas , el perro es una chulada , intentare hacerlo en cuanto tenga un poquito de tiempo.
saludos Loly
But that so pretty things, the dog is an impolite behaviour, it(he,she) will try to do it in all that it(he,she) has little time.
Regards Loly