Sunday, September 13


The glue isn't even dry but I wanted to show you the beginning of my "custom made" fireplace.

I cut wood for the fire box and painted it black. Now I'm gluing on little sand paper bricks.

This is going to take a while...

Later - Here's the work in progress. Nothing is glued together. I just wanted to see how it was going to look. Still lots to do here.

Hope you are having a good day!

Blessings, Kathi


MiniKat said...

It's looking good so far, Kathi! :-)

beyondbaffled said...

Oh Kathi I love it! Thanks so much for this post. I've been wanting to make a mini fireplace for my Dad like the one in the house he grew up in, but I haven't known exactly where to start. And the mini bricks you can buy only come in like packs of 75 plus the price made me a little hesitant. How did you ever think of using sandpaper! It looks great so far :)

Anonymous said...

I am also working on my fireplace right now. LOL Yours is going to be great and it is handmade. Mine is a bought piece but I took the insides out of it and painted it black. I am now trying to make a grill to hold the wood inside the fireplace and a basket to hold the spare wood beside the fireplace.