Sunday, September 27

Time To Clean Up?

Casey has been cleaning and organizing, maybe I need to do that too? I don't even know where to start!

I suppose if I straightened up my desk first, that would help?

I know exactly where my needle threader and pencil sharpener are, really I do!

I bought some blue plastic storage boxes. Do you think five will be enough?

There is a closet in here. I just can't get to it!

I do have some bookshelves. But they are full.

Here's the kitchen. I know there is a toaster back there somewhere...

I'm sure everyone has saws and paint cans in their kitchen, right?

Maybe some of this stuff can go in the blue boxes?

The floor in my office/craft room needs help too. You've got to be careful where you walk. I can't even get my vacuum cleaner through the mess.

I'm always tripping over something. Including my dogs. They love to "help me" in here!

There's also stuff piled on the ironing board. I can only iron very small things!

It's so hard to think about cleaning when it's such a beautiful day.

There's a dollhouse on my dining room table that's calling me too...

Hope you enjoy your day!


wooper said...

Looks just like our place, very homy. :D

kathi said...

I'm going to need 15 more boxes! At least.
About 3 more bookshelves too.

DollMum said...

my dining table has been a mess of paperwork all weekend and I can't bring myself to touch it! But I know that if I sort the paperwork I'll have space (and time) for miniatures and dolls clothes sewing again, so why do I procrastinate!?!

Deni said...

I have a room, a games room with all my stuff Hubby doesn't like the stuff to fill up all the other areas!lol
Kitchen is for food he says hahhaha ok then!
I think you are a true craft person by the looks and you will need a few more boxes! lol
In my craft room every spare desk and shelf is cluttered so Im with you in that area lol
I like to tidy but as you say takes time away from minis!

Jo said...

Oh I'm so glad my house isn't the only one that looks like this when a crafting frenzy strikes!
I love your white shelves against the blue walls, and those little birdhouses are lovely!

Caseymini said...

OK Kathi, you can find the pencil sharpener and the needle threader are.....The big question is....Where are the pencils and needles!?! LOL Usually, if I can find one, I can't find the other! Get to work! You can do it if I can! The room has great potential.

Kim said...

I love when people do posts like this. I can just feel the creative energy pulsing off of every picture. It might be nice to have a bit of kitchen counter space though:)

Good luck on your cleaning---or your rooftop deck on the dollhouse- which sounds like a much more enjoyable way to spend the day :)