Wednesday, September 30

More About Baskets

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Casey has several basket tutorials on her blog. Check them out if you're wanting to learn different techniques.

I also copied the link that Sylvia and Deni suggested and thought I would share it here.

This is a photo of the kind of basket I would like to make someday! These are not for a beginner I'm sure!

Aren't they pretty?

Here's a very helpful article about basket weaving. The ones I'm interested in are coiled baskets. They seem to be the easiest to make? Woven baskets are nice too.

Here is a basket I found at a yard sale. It is made of tree bark. I used to have tons of baskets in my home, but I found that they are real dust collectors so I got rid of all but my favorites.

I love the simplicity of this basket. Also that it was made from found materials. I'm sure it is quite old. I like that too!

I just found a basket weaver's blog this morning. Nancy Jacobs at Basketmaster's Weaving shares tons of information, videos and photos.

Being the dreamer and NOT the doer here, I just thought I would share these links in case anyone else is thinking about making some baskets. I hope you find them helpful!



Deni said...

They look like petit point baskets to me
I can't even see that to sew even with glasses on
I want to try the coiled baskets too Casey has a great site there to make them Im off to see if I can find some of that covered wire!

Nancy at said...

Hi Kathi,
Thanks for linking to me. I enjoyed spending some time checking out your blog. You got some great crafts on it. Looking forward to seeing more of you baskets.