Monday, January 31

D C Hardy

My grandfather signed most of the things that he built. I think he made a rubber stamp of his signature. These are two really heavy slices of wood that he made into book ends.

I found his signature inside my sewing cabinet when I was dusting it. This makes it even more precious to me.

Here are all of the little parts of my sewing cabinet. I have to weigh them down until they dry and then I can start glueing the pieces together.

Do you sign your work? I think I might just order a little rubber stamp with my signature?

I think it would be fun and who knows? Maybe someday my grandchildren will appreciate my little signature?

Thanks Grandpa for your love, your great big hugs and your inspiration!


Ascension said...

Que bonita sorpresa, encontrar la firma de tu abuelo.
Seria una genial idea que te hicieses un sello para perpetuar la tuya.
besitos ascension

Caseymini said...

Very cool, Kathi. I wish that everybody would sign things. It's a good practice. I love knowing who made the things I have. Can't wait to see the finished cabinet.

Kim said...

some things I sign- like my handpainted christmas ornaments- some things I don't. I've never signed a mini I made- maybe because I don't think they measure up to the quality of being signed? I think it is cool to find a signature on a treasured piece though- maybe I should re-think signing things! Did you end up re-staining your wood pieces? They look lovely :)

Lize said...

How sweet is that! And practical! Definitely a tradition you have to continue.

Sans! said...

I stitched SAN on the back of my rugs or at least try to :).