Friday, January 14

Wood Glue

Thanks for your helpful suggestions! I sanded off some paint and am using wood glue to try to assemble my chair.

I tried to use my new MicroMark gluing jig. It hasn't been much help with this project. I am using a little level to try to get things straight. I'm waiting for the glue to dry on these pieces before I continue.

This is a fine mess I've gotten myself into! I had the idea of building these chairs on December 31st! I never figured this would take so long!


Drora's minimundo said...

In the end you'll have a fine set of chairs. Keep going, you are are doing quite well and rubbing off a little of the paint gives a shabby touch.

Elga said...

Furniture never goes quick, especially if there are lots of pieces, but trust me waiting for the glue to dry properly before the next step is really worth it. I usually take a few weeks to build a furniture piece, but the satisfaction you are going to feel when its done is irreplaceble. I do my embroidery in between, so in the long run everything does get finished.

Ascension said...

No te pongas nerviosas, te estan qedando muy bien.
Ten un poco de paciencia que seguro que al final habra valido la pena, cuando las tengas acabadas.
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

Lucille said...

Kathi, something else that you could do to help the gluing process is to buy those blue plastic clamps. Get the small ones and the big ones. I use them to build all my furniture. They're very inexpensive and a real blessing. They really shorten the gluing process. And, for furniture, I never use anything but Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue. I got that from Casie. It doesn't take ages to work. Aleene's will work even over paint providing you use the blue clamps. It works for me! I even used Aleene's Fast Grab to do the siding on my house. Hope this helps! I also love my gluing jig but, as you say, it doesn't work for everything.

Caseymini said...

Keep going, Kathy! I know you can do it. You always win in the end. I can't wait to see the new chairs!

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy New Year!

I have to say, I really admire your perseverance. This looks like quite the challenge, but I'm immensely impressed. You even shaped the pieces with a Dremel! Whoa! These are going to be incredible when you get them finished. I love the color you chose!