Sunday, January 9

My New Best Friend

Ah, the smell of sawdust and the soothing sound of my Dear Dremel! I love it!

This was the first time I had used my Dremel. It takes some practice. Letting the tool do the work was the hardest part for me. Once I figured that out it was sheer joy!

I was able to shape the arms and side rails for my chairs with ease.

MY Dremel is back in the charger of a while. I'll probably use it to sand my pieces too. Then I can start painting! :D

I'm thinking now that I'll paint them in lighter, but still tropical colors. The weathered look became too much of a challenge and I really didn't like what I came up with.

It is 24 degrees here in Alabama this morning. We're expecting snow this afternoon. Tonight more snow and then ice tomorrow. I'm hoping that our office will close so I can stay home and finish my chairs! :D

Hope you have a lovely day!


Drora's minimundo said...

Must be difficult to make them all exactly the same cut or do you do two together? I have this part in my Dremel sawing machine which I never used. I'm inspired by you and will give it a try.
Warm regards, Drora

Kathi said...

Thanks Drora. I am cutting two together. The first one was a "template" for the others. They are NOT exactly the same, but close enough. :)

berri said...

i have this same model and i LOVE it. i've only used a few of the bits/attachments. enjoy your blog:)

Kathi said...

Thanks Berri and WELCOME! You are my 300th follower! :D
I'll be having a give-a-way soon to celebrate!

C said...

Happy New Year! So this is what a Dremel is. It looks like an interesting piece of kit. I must investigate this because at the moment I rely on a Stanley knife, coping saw and sandpaper which is all hard work and very crude. Thanks for the inspiration. Best wishes, Carol :)