Saturday, January 8

Trying Different Finishes

I'm trying different techniques to get the right finish for my chairs. I would like them to look bright, but weathered a bit.

First I painted some extra pieces of wood with acrylic paint.

Then I used "Weather-It" from MicroMark over the paint. It really didn't do much.

Next I tried coloring some wooden pieces with crayons.

Then I dipped them in poly stain and wiped off the excess.

I like this look better. I may try a couple more finishes before I decide which one to use? If you have any suggestions, please let me know. :D

I'm also going to try my Dremel to shape the side supports and arms of the chairs. I carved these with a razor blade.

I'm sure the Dremel will be easier (?) and safer! I haven't used my Dremel since I purchased it over a year ago. Hope I can figure it out. . .


Caseymini said...

Kathi, if you want a weathered look, try putting a stain or weathering solution on the bare wood and then painting. After that, simply sand through the paint. It will look like the furniture has been out in the open for a while and the finish is wearing off that way.I have never used Micro Mark's solution, so I can't comment on that. It might work with this technique. Good luck.

Elga said...

I always paint first, then sand down in some places and then use burnt umber artists oil paint thinned with turpentine to do the aging, it takes a bit of time to dry, so you have a bit of time to play with it.