Thursday, January 6

Slower Than Molasses

Call it procrastination. Call it frustration. Call it anything you'd like. My good intentions of finally creating something instead of just talking about it, have come to a very slow halt.

"Put up or shut up" you may be saying? Are you still with me? Do you think I will EVER get something accomplished??

Here are my excuses, not that you want to hear them or anything . . .

My Easy Cutter is in pieces and I can't get the blade out.
My Dear Dremel is in the 3 hour (!) charger.
I need BOTH to work on my chairs.

My dogs have peed all over my entire house. Maybe they are still upset with me for leaving them at the vet for a week?
Dylan is sick again, but getting better.
My washer and dryer and dishwasher are full.

There is so much dog hair in my bed that I can hardly breathe at night. (Reference washer/dryer)
My fridge is full of leftovers that are growing fuzzies.
My desktop is now covered (again) with the beginnings of projects, my new adorable little computer and bills.

The cats have decided that the front door of their litter box is close enough.
Dare I say more???

I think I am having an episode of seasonal affective disorder? It's cold. It's dark. The weather man is predicting snow, then sleet, then ice, then snow again for the weekend.

Don't give up on me. I hope to have four adirondack chairs finished by Monday. Now that's the plan but don't hold me to it, okay?

I may just grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch go Disaster DIY. Maybe I should call them and see if they want to come over here?

See you tomorrow? Hopefully with something more than just complaints.


Lucille said...

I love your new header. Sandy looks really comfy sitting on that Bird of Paradise. You've created so many beautiful things and you will again when the time is right. I'm a great believer in "There's a time for everything". All in their own time, the Dremel will charge and the Easy Cutter will be repaired and the chairs will be built. This too will pass and you'll feel so much better. The sun will rise again. Remember, this is just a hobby!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like some things going on around my house - minus the pet issues (due to allergy issues). I have had cats over the years and yes they can and will cop an attitude if you decide to vacation. :D I am always amazed at your creations. My miniature hobby is still on hold - hopefully will get started again soon. I also deal with sad. I am ok until after Christmas as the holidays keep me busy.
Happy New year!
Have a great weekend.