Monday, January 24

A Gallon or a Quart?

Grandpa and I are trying to decide if we will need a gallon or a quart of paint to do Birgit's chairs? We will be painting them white, per her request. I think we'll make both just in case.

Maybe we should go back to the eyeglass place too? Grandpa stepped on his new glasses.

He is also sporting a new moustache. He thinks it makes him look more distinguished.

On second thought, perhaps we need to make this man some clothes!!?

He really can't look all that "distinguished" with his hairy chest showing like this!

Hope you have fun today!


BiWuBär said...

Oooops, better get that glasses repaired for lovely grandpa... just being a little selfish, not that grandpa mixes something up with the color of my chairs... (LOL)


Kim said...

LOL- I love grandpa's hairy chest- but you are correct- it is a tiny bit indecent :) too cute Kathi ♥

Ascension said...

Una gran idea las gafas.
Yo tambien creo que ya tiene una edad el abuelito y deberia taparse un poco los pelos del pecho jejeje
besitos ascension

Drora's minimundo said...

Did you pick the hair from the chest to make the moustche? Grandpa is cute as can be. Hugs

Lucille said...

I had fun reading your post, Kathi. Grandpa is a riot!
Hope you have a nice day. Love your little paint cans in the making.

Kathi said...

Grandpa's new moustache is made with mohair fibers. It may need a bit of a trim? I think it makes him look more elderly, but don't tell him I said so!